Care and Maintenance

If you care and maintain your garden furniture correctly there is no saying that it won't remain and stay strong for its complete life span. Teak is an extremely oily and resilient hard wood able to withstand the elements so it should be able to withstand day to day life. However, with a little care and attention, there is always chance to extend the life span of your garden furniture.


On arrival, your furniture should be packaged in a large amount of bubble wrap, recycled cardboard and shrink wrap so that it arrives as pristine as possible. All our deliveries are by a courier service so to find out more about them please view our deliveries page. When your furniture arrives after unwrapping, it should come accompanied with some fixings, you will find any assembly instructions attached to your original email confirmation. If that is not available please contact us at and one of our team will be happy to help. Your garden furniture may come covered in a slight green/white dust. This is a completely natural part of your furniture and not at all in any way a detrimental factor to your garden furniture. This is due to a slight moisture content in your wood which is a by product of it being real wood. It should be just wiped clean with a dry cloth. If it's proving a little stubborn, a little water will help remove it. Your garden furniture is able to be left out all year round in all weathers, so if this happens again down the line when left out in winter for instance, if a damp cloth won't remove it we suggest a gentle soapy water solution.

Yearly Maintenance

 We recommend that each year once your garden furniture turns from a warm colour to it's grey that you apply a light Teak Oil all over the wood. This helps supply the wood with extra protection to the elements. We sell Teak Oil which we recommend.If your garden furniture has started to gather green algae/mould growing on it. We recommend cleaning this off with a water solution and a cloth/brush before applying Teak Oil to it.


 If possible over the winter we recommend storing your Teak Furniture in a shed. This will extend it's life by not leaving it exposed to the elements. However if this isn't possible we do recommend just a Teak Oil treatment. Some people will just leave the garden furniture out with no treatment and no cover from the elements. Your garden furniture will stay strong, but of course this will shorten it's life span a bit. We don't recommend covers for your furniture unless they are loose to prevent the timber becoming warped on hot days.

If you need further assistance on your garden furniture - please contact us via live chat or