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Teak Memorial Garden Benches

A Teak memorial bench is a beautiful way of creating a fitting tribute to a loved one that you can cherish time and time again. We have a great range of classically designed commemorative benches which, when coupled with a personalised stainless steel or brass plaque, prove to be a cherished feature to remember your nearest and dearest by. We are proud to be able to supply a fantastic range of heavy duty memorial benches are second to none, on the market today.

All of our Teak Memorial benches are hand crafted using the finest quality Teak and as such, last a lifetime. Memorial benches are a true memory of your cherished loved ones and as a result need to be built so that they are extremely heavy duty to last a lifetime to commemorate your loved one.

We sell exclusive heavy duty memorial benches with every memorial bench we sell being sutiable for commercial use within any church yard, business, parish council or golf course. With something so precious you don't want to leave anything to chance. Teak Memorial benches are one of the best ways of remembering a loved one and making sure you choose the right bench is critical. That's why we have worked so hard to craft our collection.

Explore our huge range of Heavy Duty Memorial Garden Benches...

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  1. Teak Park Bench - Backless 4ft (seats 2) Luxury
  2. Solid Teak Bench - Backless 5ft (seats 3)
  3. NEW
    Teak Garden Bench - Backless 6ft (seats 4)
  4. Teak Garden Bench Classic - Catherine 4ft (seats 2)
  5. Teak Garden Bench Elegant - Eleanor 4ft (seats 2)
  6. NEW
    Teak Garden Bench - Catherine 5ft (seats 3) Classic
  7. Teak Garden Bench - Classic Catherine 6ft (seats 4)
  8. Solid Teak Garden Bench Elegant - Eleanor 5ft (seats 3)
  9. Elegant Teak Garden Bench - Eleanor 6ft (seats 4)
  10. Teak Outdoor Bench - Elizabeth 4ft (seats 2) Traditional
  11. Teak Lutyens Bench Garden - 4ft (seats 2) Stylish Solid
  12. Teak Lutyens Bench Outdoor - 5ft (seats 3) Stylish
  13. Teak Park Garden Bench Luxury - Victoria 4ft (seats 2)
  14. NEW
    Solid Teak Garden Bench Traditional - Elizabeth 6ft (seats 4)
  15. Teak Garden Bench Park - Victoria 6ft (seats 4)
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Teak Memorial Benches for all Budgets

We understand how essential it is that a commemorative bench is built to stand the test of time and deal with the elements so that your tribute really is a lasting memory. That's why our high quality solid teak benches are the ideal memorial benches. Teak in itself is naturally long lasting, however our benches are very robustly built and assembled using traditional joinery methods (including wooden dowels) so that there are no corroding components which will reduce the life of your memorial bench.

Teak Memorial Benches

Starting from £155, our memorial benches are great value for money considering their potential longevity in providing that idyllic tribute to your loved ones. We can attach your personalised plaque (prior to delivery) at no extra cost although please note there will be a short delay associated with the obtaining of your inscribed plaque.

If you would prefer to attach your plaque you should let us know directly and expect delivery of your commemorative bench within 2-3 days. Please note your memorial bench will require some light assembly before enjoyment.

Relax and remember the happy times you shared with a past loved cherished family member or friend on a teak memorial bench. We have a wide range of teak memorial benches to suit all requirements so that you can find the perfect one to suit.

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We also stock smaller 2 seater garden benches, 3 seater benches and larger 4 seater garden benches.

If you would like more information about our Memorial Garden Benches, please get in touch with us via email or via phone on 020 3322 9194.