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Garden Love Seats 

Here at Ottena we are pleased to bring to you our solid teak Garden Loveseat Sets. Consisting of a choice of different garden chairs and a small coffee table, these sets are the perfect addition to any outdoor space allowing you and a loved one to relax and soak up some early evening sunshine whilst unwinding after a hard day at work.

Our Loveseat sets are made up of 2 of our solid teak chairs with either a square or rectangular coffee table to give a slightly different take on the traditional Loveseat style. Everyone loves a loveseat set but we have given it a slight twist with ours having seperate items so you can use what you want when you want and also making them easier to move around your outdoor space. A regular loveseat set can be heavy and awkward to move around so we decided to tweek the design and make our loveseat sets from individual items.

Whether it be our ever popular Adirondack loveseat sets or something a bit different we have loveseat sets made from our Charlotte stacking chairs and our fixed arm chairs. All of our lovesest sets are manufactured from sustainably sourced solid teak and will add a special touch to any outdoor location. With the items being seperate there is much more scope to fit these into tighter spaces in your garden rather than the traditional fixed together loveseat sets.

Come and take a look at our loveseat sets and get something a little different to fill that empty space in your garden or patio.


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