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Memorial Plaques

Adding our exquisite memorial plaques to one of our teak benches is the perfect way to personalise your garden benches, tables or even our beautiful Adirondack Chairs. At Ottena we offer a range of engraving services on all of our memorial plaques which means you can add your favourite quote, name or date. Perfect for commemorating a special occasion or loved one.

These memorial plaques are extremely popular as part of our Memorial Benches where you would like you commemorate a loved one or just mark a special occasion. These plaques are the perfect addition to any teak bench, making them a truly stunning addition to any park. Our memorial plaques come in a range of sizes from 4"x2" up to a beautiful 10"x2" but we can sometimes offer bespoke commissions.

Looking for specific product information on our memorial plaques? Contact a member of the team at to chat through your requirements.

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Memorial Plaques

Commemorative Memorial plaques 

Memorial plaques are an incredible tribute to loved ones and for all occasions. They add an incredible touch of sentimental charm to any bench in parks and gardens. 

Benches are the cornerstone of any park or garden. They are super useful for taking a rest, enjoying the surroundings and just soaking up nature. When you add a plaque, they become more than just seats, they become an incredible reminder of lost loved ones. 

Unlike flowers or cards that fade away, our gorgeous, memorial plaques stick around for years to come. When attached to one of our gorgeous teak garden bences they endure through seasons, symbolising the impact of the person being remembered. They are the perfect way to really remember someone. Parks and gardens all over the UK are where people gather to relax, to unwind and to sit and think about the world. 

Engraved Memorial Plaques

Placing one of our gorgeous traditional teak benches with a commemorative bench plaque in a public park, a golf course, gardens, commons or even in your own back garden ensures that many will stumble upon it, sparking conversations and keeping memories alive. This is the ultimate memorial to someone, talking about them often!

Everyone loves nothing more than sitting in a park with a view on a sunny summers day and reading the memorial plaques and seeing who they commemorate. You are instantly  transported into someone else's world, reflecting on their life and legacy. Thinking about why they loved this place so much. That's the beauty of our engraved bench plaques and why they are such an important traditional that we are trying to keep alive in years to come.

Bench plaques aren't just pieces of metal or wood; they're symbols of love, remembrance, and the enduring power of human connection. They might seem small, but their impact is so huge.

Grave plaques 

Grave plaques are an incredibly important tributes to your loved ones. In place of a headstone either temporarily or permanently, or perfect for use as remembrance in another place, grave plaques are an essential piece to have. We see our grave plaques used extremely commonly as pet plaques, memorials to your most treasured pet companion. Pet plaques are the ultimate tribute to your beloved animal, making sure they are never forgotten. We can help you with your requirements for a grave plaque no matter what you are after.