Extendable Garden Tables

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Extendable Garden Tables

At Ottena we are now able to supply a great new range of Teak Extendable Garden Tables perfect for use in the garden for large dinner parties and gatherings where you need extra seating!

Our gorgeous Extending Garden Tables are incredible and an extremely versatile for your patio space. Our extending patio tables are ideal when you need the extra space for a family BBQ but regularly only need a smaller outdoor seating space. Giving you the option to host a garden party without the need to struggle round and be cramped round a small table. 

All of our Extending garden tables are extremely heavy duty, featuring thick Teak and an extremely chunky construction style, meaning these extending patio tables are perfect for everyday heavy usage sessions.

These tables are great for big family usage as well as business and commercial settings. These tables are extremely popular for pub, cafe and restaurant usage. Being extremely heavy duty meaning they are up to the usage demands put on them by regular heavy usage. 

We stock a massive range of other smaller sized patio tables and garden tables, including patio sets perfectly suited for however big your family may be. We have the perfect extending garden table for our space. Check them out below.

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