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Here at Ottena we specialise in supplying our customers with high quality garden furniture, all of which is manufactured using teak. Teak garden furniture is widely regarded as being at the pinnacle of the industry and can often be seen as a status symbol and sign of luxury. Investing in our range of quality teak garden furniture is sure to bring you many years of happiness, but the appropriate use of teak oil is key in extending the life of your teak patio furniture.

Maintain your beautiful teak garden furniture by using our quality teak oil. This quality teak oil for garden furniture will ensure your garden furniture stays strong and resilient despite the weather.

Our teak oil is available in 2 sizes:

  • A 500ml bottle of our teak oil will be suitable for any of our range of garden chairs or benches. A teak oil of this size would also be suitable for a garden table and chair set of 1m in size or smaller with 4 chairs or less. It is important that the teak oil is applied evenly and thoroughly.

  • Our larger 2 litre teak oil bottles are appropriate for our larger garden table and chair sets, or perhaps where multiple products require teak oil treatment at a commercial premise for example. You could also purchase a larger bottle of teak oil to retain excess for future treatments.

If you have any queries regarding our teak oil products or if you require any further advice prior to treating your furniture with teak oil then please get in touch with us using hello@ottena.co.uk.


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Teak is a tropical hardwood which originates from south and south east Asia. The raw materials are therefore not readily available in the UK so we work with specialist suppliers based overseas, bringing a range of high specification teak furniture to your doorstep. Our suppliers accord with all requirements of Indonesian Legal Wood to ensure that all teak used in the manufacturing of our furniture is sourced from sustainable plantations and harvested in a conscientious manner without causing harm to our natural environment. The Indonesian Legal Wood certification is a sign of quality and reliability in the teak garden furniture market.


Teak is a naturally hard wearing material which has a number of desirable natural properties lending its use perfectly to the manufacturing of teak garden furniture. Teak benefits from natural oils which can aid in its weather resistance, a key consideration given the classically unpredictable British climate, and help to extend the life of our furniture. The tropical hardwood is naturally very hard wearing a long lasting and when carefully maintained using teak oil, a quality set of furniture from Ottena has the potential to last for years and years.


Due to the natural qualities of teak we generally recommend that our furniture is fit for immediate use upon delivery, without the application of teak oil being necessary initially. Once exposed to the elements, the teak furniture will naturally weather to a silvery grey shade although this is quite normal and to be expected. A loss of colour in the teak is very typical although careful maintenance and periodic treatment with a good quality teak oil will help in extending the life of your furniture and restoring some colour.


Purchasing garden furniture and teak oil from Ottena is an investment in quality although to ensure you make the most of your purchase and get the best out of it, we recommend the following be considered as part of a teak oil treatment and maintenance programme:


  • Where possible, store your furniture away during the harsher winter months following its first season in your garden. This will reduce exposure and help to extend the life of the furniture. Where storage is not possible, we offer a range of bespoke furniture covers which have been manufactured specifically for our range of garden furniture. These shower proof covers are available in green or navy blue and can help to protect your furniture and reduce the need for extensive teak oil treatment.


  • When preparing your garden furniture for improving weather in the spring, maintenance and teak oil treatment is advised. You should wipe your furniture with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt to ensure that the surfaces are clean. You must then allow the teak to dry thoroughly before treatment begins, if teak oil is applied to moist teak then this can result in an uneven finish.


  • Once your teak garden furniture is clean and dry, then we recommend our teak oil be applied carefully and thoroughly with a dry cloth or smooth brush. Please be sure to wear gloves when applying the teak oil. Five minutes after application, any excess teak oil should be wiped clean to ensure a uniform finish. Once applied, the colour of the teak should darken indicating that the teak oil is taking effect.


  • Once the teak oil is allowed to dry for up to 24 hours, your teak garden furniture is now ready for use and enjoyment throughout the summer. With sound teak only one coat of teak oil should be sufficient although for older teak products, two coats of teak oil may be necessary if you are undertaking restorative treatment. Repeating this maintenance and teak oil treatment programme periodically, ideally annually or bi-annually, will be extremely helpful in extending the life of your furniture.


Our teak oil products are naturally compatible with our full range of teak garden furniture and the teak oil itself has a number of essential properties. As outlined previously the teak oil will add much needed nourishment to the natural teak products restoring colour and weather resistant properties. Sunshine, rain and frost but also mildew and algae are no match for our appropriately applied teak oil. The teak oil will also allow for the teak to breathe, essential in ensuring the longevity of the natural products.