Garden Seats

We are one of the leading suppliers in the UK of sustainably sourced Patio Furniture made from Teak. We manufacture all of our patio furniture using traditional, classic, tried and tested methods, as a result, our teak patio garden furniture is unparalleled in quality. We sell a huge range of handcrafted Patio furniture for your garden that we have manufactured, honed and worked on for years and years, ensuring that quality and longevity is key to all of our products.

Luxury Garden Seats


Here at Ottena we are proud to be able to offer to the public a huge range of Teak Garden Seats. We have one of the biggest ranges of luxury garden seats in the UK. With all of our furniture ranges in stock and ready to be delivered to you often within 48 hours.



Teak Garden Seats


We don’t want to be biased but we believe our Garden Seat selection is second to none and all of our garden seats would make the perfect accompaniment to any garden be it a family garden, decking area, patio, balcony or even perfectly manicured stately home garden. We have the perfect garden seating for you.




One of our biggest range of garden seats comes in the way of our Garden Benches we have benches to suit all garden sizes and also all budgets. All of our benches are crafted lovingly by hand from Sustainably sourced Teak. We use thicker timber than most manufacturer – you may think this is strange but we find it leads to increased bench life and ultimately this makes the teak garden bench last longer which ultimately is the key to ensuring that the products we sell are sustainable. If our Teak Garden Furniture lasts longer, you will have less need to replace it sooner. Our garden benches are perfect to be used as Memorial Seats. Our memorial seats all have space for one of our custom made engraved plaques. These plaques coming in a range of sizes and finishes most notably our stainless steel and brass finishing’s are extremely popular with our customers. All of these memorial seats make an amazing tribute to your loved ones and are something which should definitely be treasured for years and years to come.

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Patio Furniture

We supply our memorial seats either with the plaque attached or without. Should you wish to site the bench yourself then choose a plaque later on when you have the wording, then we offer this as well. We also offer a huge selection of garden chairs which form part of our garden seat range. We sell garden seats which are absolutely perfect for all different areas of the garden. We sell more traditional fixed teak garden chairs which are super comfy and nice and chunky in design as well as more modern teak folding chairs. Both of these make amazing garden seats for the home and garden when guests are around, perfect for a BBQ.

Whilst we do offer some more traditional garden seats as mentioned above, we also sell some fabulous Adirondack chairs which really are incredible and one of the jewels in our garden seat collection. These chairs are the perfect cross between functional seating and relaxation. These teak garden seats allow you to recline back and really take stock of your garden or whatever view you have them pointed at! They are extremely relaxing and we offer garden cushions which fit incredibly and make these some extremely comfy garden seats!

Our Teak Adirondack chairs also come with wide armrests on them, which we personally have had designed so that they are perfect for your morning coffee. What could be finer than to sit back, with a coffee and to truly relax and take in the surroundings. Perfect for a few moments of mindfulness. We truly believe that nobody should be without these gorgeous garden seats in their garden, patio, balcony or decking area. They are absolutely stunning and always draw in a lot of fantastic comments about them.

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Whilst we do believe that sustainable product manufacture needs to be at the heart of everything we do, we want to ensure that all of our products including our garden seats are priced accordingly so that they are accessible to the masses. Whilst Teak is an expensive wood, mainly in part to how long it can take to grow. We choose not to put high mark ups on our furniture so that prices don’t swell and everyone can have one of our fab garden seats in their house.

All of the Teak that we use, be it in our garden seats, our teak garden benches our commemorative seats or even our Memorial seats, they are all made from sustainably sourced and responsibly managed Teak Plantations. Meaning that the Teak timber that is used for our garden furniture is all sustainable and more teak trees will be planted than used for all our timber. We only use Teak wood from sources such as these as we truly believe that we need to ensure the longevity of these trees and our forests.

All of our garden seats are in stock and generally, everything will be available on a 2-3 day delivery service (from point of order) and are usually self-assembly, but this is all very very simple and shouldn’t take you very long at all. We have some basic instructions for all of our garden seats, garden benches and our memorial seats, the instructions are generic but the same principle applies to all of our teak garden furniture. So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!