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We are one of the leading suppliers in the UK of sustainably sourced Patio Furniture made from Teak. We manufacture all of our patio furniture using traditional, classic, tried and tested methods, as a result, our teak patio garden furniture is unparalleled in quality. We sell a huge range of handcrafted Patio furniture for your garden that we have manufactured, honed and worked on for years and years, ensuring that quality and longevity is key to all of our products.

Luxury Handcrafted Patio Furniture


We sell Garden benches that come in a huge range of different sizes. All handmade from Teak and all utilising traditional wooden joints. Our Teak Patio sets are absolutely stunning. All of the sets that we sell are perfect for use in any family garden, pub or beer garden or commercially in a café garden or restaurant. Our Teak garden chairs are insanely comfy and Our Teak Adirondack chairs in particular are gorgeous to look at, sit on and sunbathe in.



Patio Sets, Garden Benches


There is absolutely nothing finer in life, than sitting back in the garden in some glorious sunshine surrounded by all of your family and friends. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures and as such we sell patio furniture to enable this in style and comfort. We sell a huge range of patio furniture including, teak patio sets, garden benches, outdoor garden furniture for pretty much any size and space garden that you have. Ranging from teak patio sets for 2 people all the way up to 8+ people.



All of our furniture is hand crafted by our master craftsman. They have years and years of experience and attention to detail is part and parcel of their craft. All of our patio furniture utilises traditional wood joints, which are always going to be better than more modern metal fixings. We utilise mortice and tenon joints on all of our patio furniture but specifically our outdoor garden benches. With years of experience under our belt, we have learnt a thing or two about what makes patio furniture last longer and live up to every expectation. Are you having a party soon? Hosting a BBQ? Birthday Party? Family Gathering? Or just a Friday night and looking to sit out and enjoy the UK’s finest summer? (yeah right!). Then our Patio furniture range will have exactly the right patio set for you. We sell a huge range of teak patio sets which cater for everyone and every family. So whether your family is young or old, big or small, we have patio furniture sets that will 100% work for you and your space.

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We sell a lot of folding table and chairs in our Patio Garden furniture range because not everyone has the luxury of having a huge garden and as such might not want to have their patio garden furniture out and about all summer long. All of our folding patio sets are sturdy, robust and super simple to fold and operate. Easily doable with just one person and they take up minimal space once they have been folded and stored away neatly. You need not fear that folding teak furniture is less robust than fixed anymore!

Folding Tables and Chairs


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Patio Furniture

Garden Bench

All of our fabulous Lutyens benches are handcrafted from sustainably sourced Teak. Meaning that they are built to last. Teak is an extremely hardwood and this is critical to the longevity of the bench itself.

Patio Furniture - Garden Benches

Our Patio furniture products are made with eco sourced Teak from sustainably controlled plantations, we want to ensure that the products that we supply leave as little impact on the environment as possible. We use thicker cuts of timber for all of our products, no matter if they are the more budget friendly versions or our top products. Why? Because if we are going to use a resource as precious as Teak, then we want to ensure that the products that we make last an extremely long time, so that the patio furniture itself is able to withstand the elements and hold up to heavy continued usage. This is key to what we do, making sure we supply extremely heavy duty patio furniture.

Teak is the perfect choice for all Patio furniture, mostly due to it’s excellent ability to withstand the elements and lets face it, these are extremely unpredictable in the UK! You really can’t be sure what the weather will be doing next, so Teak is perfect for patio furniture. Teak’s natural oil content helps protect it from the rain – which is the biggest cause of rot / decay in timber. This natural protection can be considered similar to a ‘ducks back’ if you will, in that water sits on oil and doesn’t allow it to penetrate to far into the Teak.

This level of protection doesn’t last forever of course and you will notice that when the patio furniture, be it a patio set, garden bench or garden chair, is exposed to the elements for too long then eventually it starts to silver. This then means that it needs a treatment of teak oil (which we sell, check the Accessories section in the top menu!). This brings it’s natural oil levels back up to where they should be and ensures the longevity of the bench.