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We Accept Commerical Purchase Orders

At Ottena we are proud to be able to accept all manner of purchase orders on all of the products that we sell here at Ottena. As a supplier to many businesses, trades, government organisations, schools, colleges, pubs, golf courses and universities, we have a huge wealth of experience dealing with all different types of businesses including the public sector.

We accept all purchase orders no matter which business sector you are operating in. We work on a payment pre-delivery basis. To be able to place a purchase order with us, you will need to email us your requirements at Hello@Ottena.co.uk, where we can accept all purchase orders, provide you with an invoice with all payment details and delivery terms.

We supply to a huge range of businesses within the UK and some further afield. We have supplied our Patio Furniture in the past to Schools, businesses and all manner of commercial outlets. Please get in touch and see how we can help you. .