Sustainability at Ottena.

How we are beomg a bit more eco.

We are all trying our hardest to be a little more sustainable in our day to day lives and to make decisions that are kinder to the planet. Shopping with us is one of them. 

By actively choosing to shop with a more sustainable and ethical focus when choosing products and the materials they are made from, we can all make a difference.

Let's do things right.

The sustainability of our teak garden furniture is a core priority for us here at Ottena. As concern regarding the climate crisis continues to grow, our customers are regularly enquiring into the sustainability of our teak benches, teak chairs and teak tables, and rightly so. Not to worry. When shopping with Ottena you can be safe in the knowledge that the raw materials used in our teak outdoor furniture have been sourced from sustainable Javanese plantations and are accredited accordingly.


All of the teak that our suppliers use to manufacture your teak garden furniture has passed a "Timber Legality Assurance System" (SVLK). This system records the chain of custody in the supply and manufacturing process to ensure the legality of the teak used in our garden benches, outdoor tables and outside chairs. The SVLK certification scheme regulates the supply chain to protect nature and ensure that our teak patio furniture has the minimal impact on the environment.


The product of the SVLK process is the FLEGT certificate. Without a satisfactory FLEGT certificate, suppliers of wooden garden furniture cannot export their park benches, outside dining tables and teak dining chairs to Europe. The suppliers of our teak garden furniture are SVLK certified and produce FLEGT certificates each time an order is shipped to Ottena.

Our teak dining sets, teak Adirondack chairs and teak benches are manufactured in Indonesia where teak is a natural resource and continues to flourish in sustainable Javanese plantations, supported by replanting schemes. Our suppliers proudly display the "Indonesian Legal Wood" (SVLK) logo on the packaging of each of our teak garden furniture products. There can be no doubt regarding the legitimacy and sustainable credentials of our teak garden benches, teak patio dining sets and teak Adirondack chairs etc.

One of the questions we get asked the most is, “is your teak furniture FSC”. The FSC accreditation is generally not applied in the teak garden furniture industry where the SVLK process, FLEGT certificate and Indonesian Legal Wood accreditation is to the forefront in the regulation of teak legality and sustainability. Whilst in our experience teak garden furniture retailers in the UK, and their suppliers, will not have an association with FSC, this does not cast doubt over their sustainable credentials. We have no doubt that our teak garden furniture is sustainable.

Our suppliers do not recognise wood waste. When they receive the raw teak materials and begin the manufacturing process, nothing goes to waste. All of the timber is used to manufacture the teak garden furniture you receive, or associated components. The teak bark is salvaged and recycled by local crafters who make their own products from the raw materials.

All of our teak outdoor furniture is handcrafted using traditional methods. Your teak benches and fixed teak dining chairs are assembled using mortice and tenon joints which are secured using wooden dowels. Brass fixings are only used where essential for secure use. These natural methods reduce the impact our teak outdoor furniture has on the environment.

In our opinion, teak makes the best and most eye catching outdoor dining furniture and garden seating. Teak is rich in natural oils so as well as being beautiful, your teak garden furniture will carry weather resistant properties. If well cared for, your teak garden bench or teak table and chair set will last for years and years, so you will not need to frequently replace your furniture like other market alternatives. For these reasons, teak continues to be in high demand.

Being responsible in the way we deliver our outdoor teak furniture products to you is something that we are conscious of. We do not want your teak Adirondack or teak dining set to arrive damaged, so sometimes we need to package quite heavily with bubble wrap for protection. We are conscious of the impact that single use plastics have on the environment. Bubble wrap can be recycled with plastic bags at most big supermarkets or specialist recycling centres. We are transitioning to biodegradable bubble wrap in 2023, which will have greater eco credentials and reduce the environmental impacts of delivering our teak garden furniture. In the meantime, here is a handy website providing advice as to where items such as bubble wrap can be recycled -

Recycle, Repurpose, Renew.



In the event that some of our teak outside furniture becomes damaged in transit, either on its way to us or to our customers, we will bring it back to our warehouse and recycle it. Our team are now experienced in making appropriate repairs to teak folding tables, teak dining chairs, teak garden benches and our garden parasols. These are often restored to perfect working order so they will have a long working life. 




Our recycled teak garden furniture and recycled garden parasols are available to purchase at a discount under our clearance section. This process significantly reduces waste.

We are very aware of the importance of sustainability and the climate crisis so we are always happy to field any questions or concerns you might have regarding the sustainability of our teak garden furniture. For more details regarding the SVLK and FLEGT accreditations, please see the links below: