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Folding Garden Table and Chairs

Throughout our wide range of teak garden furniture, it is our high quality, solid teak folding garden furniture which features most prominently in our selection of teak garden furniture patio sets.

They are by far and away the most popular type of teak garden furniture sets for many reasons with their best feature obviously being that they have the ability to fold to aid storage and maximise space. From small 2 seater folding sets through to large 6 seater versions, there is certainly a folding patio set out there just for you.

These folding sets will make a great addition to not only your domestic setting but are also a great investment for your commercial setting. Transform your pub or restaurant outdoor space into a new dining area to give your customers that outdoor experience.

Folding garden furniture is most effective where outside space or storage space is at a premium. Our luxury folding garden furniture is versatile, space-saving, stylish, easy to operate, reliable and long-lasting and will come ready for immediate use.

Please check out our range of folding teak garden furniture and we hope you find the solution to suit every need!

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Folding Garden Table and Chairs

We are super proud to be able to offer such a large range of Folding Garden table and chairs from our Teak range of outdoor folding furniture which are some of the most popular products that we stock. All of our folding garden table and chairs are super easy to use and perfectly suitable for use in any compact area such as a balcony, terrace, decking area or even on the lawn. All of the teak patios sets that we offer can be folded easily by one person and are all perfectly carryable by one person as well making them super practical and really easy to store.
So no matter where you want to host your perfect garden party, be it on the balcony, terrace, decking or even on the grass, all of our folding garden table and chairs are perfect for the job! All of the furniture we supply is made from super sturdy eco-sourced Teak, which means that even though it's foldable and has moving parts, it's all built to last a lifetime. All of our furniture is extremely sturdy and very very comfortable. We also offer a huge range of garden cushions for all of the chairs that we offer for our Folding Garden Table and Chairs to make them even comfier and ensure you have the best party ever!
Our Teak Folding Patio sets can all be customised to suit whatever family size you have. So if you need a bigger set then we can offer bigger folding teak tables or more folding chairs to suit. If you wish to upgrade the set further and change to a fixed table, then we can offer a patio table and chair sets that can accommodate even more people. Be sure to check out our huge range of patio furniture sets.

Our range of Folding Garden table and chair sets include:

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Our folding outdoor furniture is handcrafted from sustainable Teak and as such is built to stand the test of time. All of our teak folding sets are in stock and we offer extremely quick delivery, with a 2-3 delivery delay at max. Often we can guarantee delivery within 48 hours! We pride ourselves on our packaging methods – with all of our garden patio sets delivered and well packed to avoid any disappointment.

For any further information about our Folding Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets, please contact us by email or call us on 020 3322 9194.