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Ottena is one of the UK's premier suppliers of Teak Garden Furniture products - our emphasis is on providing quality, well crafted gorgeous Teak Patio Furniture for your garden. We stock a huge range of Teak Garden Furniture, Teak Garden Benches, Teak dining sets, Teak tables, Teak chairs and Wooden Parasols. We cut out the middle man and offer our Teak Patio Furniture at fantastic prices whilst never comprising on quality. Any of our Teak products, even the more cost effective of those that we supply all come with a level of quality that you would expect from that of triple the price. Whilst being extremely heavy duty and robust all of the teak garden furniture that we supply here at the Ottena simply looks stunning and can really dress your garden space making it Instagram worthy!


About us and our Teak Garden Furniture


Our extensive ranges of teak garden furniture feature both folding tables and chairs for convenience where space is at a premium all the way to our much more industrial fixed teak table and chair solutions which are built to last a lifetime, be left out all year round and provide seating for a large number of people. We have a huge range of Teak bench sets perfect for coffee on the patio.

We are able to offer a super range of Memorial benches as our newest addition to the teak garden furniture family. We offer traditional teak memorial benches that can be personalised by you with our range of stainless steel and brass plaques that we can affix to your bench. All of these teak memorial benches are heavy duty and last a lifetime and can be cited in even the most high traffic and busy environments. The perfect way to commemorate a loved one for many years to come.

Why we started Ottena


Our ethos is simple, we supply products that are built to last, that are built to be used heavily without issue and offer an overall service that we can be proud of. We have worked in the furniture business for 10+ years and know the industry like the back of our hands. We have worked extensively in bringing new products into the marketplace that are tried, tested and work.

We pride ourselves on our quality customer service, its what sets us apart. We want to make your transition from initial enquiry, through to purchase and aftercare beyond as smooth as possible. There is no question too small and there is no query we won't answer. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours in the extremes, and on average we reply to all emails within 2-3 hours. We know the frustration of poor customer care and aim to better this. What really sets us apart is our persistence to offer the best service possible combined with the best Teak Garden Furniture and Patio Furniture you will ever have seen. We strive to better ourselves with every sale and deliver a product and service that you can be proud of.

So why not take a look at what we have to offer, you can check out our amazing Teak garden benches as well as our patio furniture sets, if you have any questions, we would love to chat to you so please contact us. All of our products come with free delivery and our returns policy is second to none.

Let's be a bit more eco.

We are all trying our hardest to be a little more sustainable in our day to day lives and to make decisions that are kinder to the planet. This is one of them. 

Be actively choosing to shop with a more sustainable and ethical focus when choosing products and the materials they are made from, we can all make a difference.

Wood is an extremely renewable material. Correctly cared for and managed, timber can be an extremely eco material. All of our Teak is from managed plantations which are strictly controlled.

We are committed to working harder to lessen the impact we have on the environment.

To help you make eco conscious buying decisions, we are planting a tree for every order you place with us.  

We are doing what we can to ensure that we use fewer plastics where possible and the plastics that we have to use are recyclable and where possible made from recycled materials. We worry, so you don't have to.

We provide Teak Garden Furniture of the highest quality perfect for use in homes and commercial settings. All of our garden furniture items are handcrafted by our master craftsman using only traditional methods. The emphasis on all of our products is quality. In a world of throw away disposable furniture, we want to provide furniture that is truly sustainable, incredibly eco and will last a lifetime. All of the Teak used in the production of our outdoor furniture is sustainably sourced from managed plantations. Ensuring that the minimum amount of impact on the planet. Our Teak outdoor furniture will last for many many many years to come, making it the perfect option for the eco-minded. 

Buying patio furniture from us means that you will be investing in the future making sure that you only buy a quality product once rather than repeat purchasing lesser quality mass produced goods which often end up in landfill because they're simply not built to last. It’s extremely easy to just consider buying cheaper furniture that requires a much smaller investment, but the ‘single use’ culture when it comes to furniture is a trend that is causing a significant impact on the world. Investing in Teak Garden Furniture which has been known to last significantly longer than cheaper metal and aluminum mass produced furniture is a great step towards a more sustainable and eco approach to your purchasing habits.

Teak Garden Furniture

What we do.

Our extensive range of teak garden benches are some of our bestselling and the reason we actually started our business in the first place. Originally we wanted to just sell our teak garden benches to the public however we had calls to expand our ranges and as a result, we sell a huge range of products that you see here today. All of our garden benches are fixed and require only simple assembly and securing with wooden dowels. None of our Patio benches rely on metal fixings and as such boast a huge expected life span.

Alongside all of our well established and extremely popular Patio Furniture lines we have managed to introduce a new range of wooden garden parasols that we are extremely proud to offer to our customers both for home use and commercial. Our wooden garden parasols feature extremely traditional designs whilst being very hard wearing and made from hardwood that is built to withstand heavy everyday usage. Our wooden garden parasols work perfectly alongside all of our teak patio furniture and are ready to provide a statement piece for your garden.

We have been lucky enough to sell our Patio Furniture to a huge range of clients all over the UK. From Businesses, Colleges, Schools, Golf Courses, Parish Councils and the NHS. We accept purchase orders on all of our furniture and carry large volumes of stock. If you want to discuss your requirements, contact us now we love to chat all things patio furniture and our team are extremely experienced and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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