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Here at Ottena we offer a simple but effective range of wooden garden benches to suit a variety of needs and purposes. Wooden garden benches are a traditional feature of gardens, public parks and commercial settings such as sports clubs up and down the country – in our opinion no outside space is complete without one. All of our wooden garden benches are manufactured using teak, a hard wearing and naturally weather resistant timber which in our opinion is the only option when manufacturing wooden garden benches. Teak contains natural oils which benefit in resistance to the elements, after a period of exposure teak wooden garden benches will naturally weather to a silvery grey colour. This is quite normal and to be expected, although annual maintenance including the application of a good quality teak oil can extend the life of our teak wooden garden benches.

Our approach is quite straightforward with a core range of wooden garden benches to suit all needs and requirements:

- Backless wooden garden benches, perfect where a lightweight solution is required and a back rest is not necessary.

- Our Catherine range of wooden garden benches are a cost effective option when a traditional but long lasting teak garden bench is required.

- In a similar specification to the Catherine, our Eleanor wooden garden benches are built to the same quality although to a more stylish design.

- Lutyens wooden garden benches have long been considered the pinnacle of the garden bench market, their unique design is a sign of luxury and quality. Our Lutyens wooden garden benches are truly special.

- If traditional but heavy duty wooden garden benches are required then our Elizabeth wooden garden benches are exactly what you need. Fitting out a commercial shopping centre with wooden garden benches? Then look no further, these wooden garden benches are designed in a similar manner to our Catherine wooden garden benches although to a higher specification with much thicker teak so that they will last and last.

- Our range is completed by our Victoria wooden garden benches. These are really special, manufactured to a similar heavy duty specification as the Elizabeth range, these wooden garden benches will suit all occasions and add a sense of luxury.

Heavy Duty Wooden Garden Benches:

Wooden Garden Benches All of our wooden garden benches are available in 3 simple sizes. A 4ft / 120cm wide bench will seat 2 people comfortably. Looking for something larger? Then our 5ft / 150cm wooden garden benches will seat 3 people. Our largest wooden garden benches are 6ft / 180cm wide and will seat 4 people.

All of our wooden garden benches are delivered flat packed in 3 or 4 key pieces requiring light and straightforward assembly. Each of our wooden garden benches are simply assembled using traditional mortice and tenon joints and secured by wooden dowels. Please do not let the prospect of assembling wooden garden benches put you off, this will take a matter of minutes. If we delivered our wooden garden benches fully assembled then they would be at much greater risk of damage during delivery.

As if our range of wooden garden benches isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, we also offer a free and fast delivery service on all of our orders to mainland UK addresses. We operate with a renowned UK courier service and dispatch all of our goods on a next day delivery service. Usually, our wooden garden benches are delivered to our customers within 48 hours of their order being received!

Our wooden garden benches are the perfect tribute if a memorial bench is required. The hard wearing teak and requirement for minimal maintenance means that our wooden garden benches can be left outside all year round. We also supply brass and stainless steel engraved plaques which can be attached to any of our wooden garden benches resulting in the perfect tribute.

Unfortunately, particularly in commercial settings, there is a risk that wooden garden benches are exposed to theft. We offer a solution, anchor kits suitable for both hard and soft ground locations which act as a theft deterrent to improve the security of our wooden garden benches.

It is as simple as that, a range of wooden garden benches with solutions for all occasions, locations and requirements. Long lasting teak, simple assembly, fast and free delivery – what’s not to be liked? If you have any queries about our range of wooden garden benches then please get in touch using hello@ottena.co.uk.

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All of our benches are in stock and available with our super quick delivery. Super simple and easy assembly will be required on delivery of your garden benchbefore it takes its rightful place.

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