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Teak Lutyens Bench - Luxury Handcrafted Lutyens Garden Benches


Teak Lutyens benches are the masterful creation of British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. The design by Lutyens is completely iconic and one of the most recognisable bench designs, not just of the 19th century but also present day. The design is completely timeless and would not look out of place in absolutely any garden, no matter what the theme of the garden is. The Teak Lutyens bench design is iconic because of its extremely elegant scroll arms, which protrude from the end of the bench and are unique to this design. The backrest features a rather unique lattice design with a unique rounded top which sets it apart from any of the normal classic design garden benches you see. All of these gorgeous design features, however, do not detract from how sturdy these benches are.


We sell a lot of these fabulous benches to garden designers all over the UK and always recieve such high praise on their overall design and for how well made they are. They are built with such flair and passion whilst being built to last. The perfect centre point to your garden no matter how big or small. These gorgeous teak Lutyens garden benches should not be missed and you absolutely should purchase one for your garden!

Teak Lutyens Bench Sets


All of our benches can be used in sets of furniture as well. They don't have to be used just on their own. A lot of people like to customise the sets so that they can make them fit their needs perfectly. Often we find that you might not want to just sit with 3 of you next to each other. So it may be that you want to create an entertaining area in your garden or patio and want the Lutyens bench to be the centre of attention. Then we have the perfect set for you, with accompanying chairs to go with them. Or if you just want to sit on your fantastic Lutyens Garden Bench made of Teak but also enjoy a coffee, then we have sets with just a coffee table as well. For that added comfort why not add one of our cushions so you can relax in real comfort!! Shop below and see what you want to add to your garden bench patio set.


Our fantastic Teak Lutyens benches are a real head turner and can be used as a perfect focal point for any area of the garden. We often have clients purchase one of these gorgeous benches for a new garden and then base the garden around the placement of the new Lutyens garden bench. This is a very common practice in older garden design more commonly seen in stately homes as well as National Trust Gardens. Often you will see gorgeous sweeping lawns with a bench as the focal point at the very end. Making it a perfect area for the viewer to sit in and truly enjoy the garden design. These Teak Lutyens benches are absolutely perfect for this reason as the design in itself is so unusual it makes it a completely stunning feature point of any garden. Something to truly enhance the whole garden whilst providing the perfect area to sit and relax and just take it all in.



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Teak Lutyens benches are some of the nicest and comfiest benches you will ever sit on, without doubt. Comfort and beauty go hand in hand with our traditional Teak Lutyens benches. Unlike making these benches out of Oak or any other types of wood, Teak is far superior for a Lutyens bench and ensures that the bench will withstand any sort of use and abuse for years to come. Teak is perfect for outdoor garden benches because it is not vulnerable to the weather because of Teaks natural oily composition. These oils protect it from rain, so bar it standing in water, it's fairly 'ready to go' out of the box without further treatment. Teak Oil can be added back to the Lutyens bench later on when the natural protection starts to fade.

Some light assembly will be required on delivery of your garden seat before it takes its rightful place.

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Lutyens Garden Bench

All of our fabulous Lutyens benches are handcrafted from sustainably sourced Teak. Meaning that they are built to last. Teak is an extremely hardwood and this is critical to the longevity of the bench itself.