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Teak Garden Bench Assembly Instructions

Step 1

Having removed the packaging and set out the individual parts of your bench, begin by setting down one of the end pieces with location points facing upwards.

Step 2

Now simply build your bench upwards. They will be a nice tight fit so you might find a rubber mallet is useful to assemble your bench securely, we recommend using a small piece of cardboard where you strike so you will not damage the bench. The parts should be labelled to help ensure you get the pieces in the right place.

Step 3

Once your seat and back rest (and tie bar where applicable) are in place, you are ready to fit the other end piece accordingly. Again, the fit will be quite tight but this is necessary to ensure the strength and stability of the bench.

Step 4

Now your bench is effectively assembled all that's left to do is secure it in position using the wooden dowels and screws which come with each bench. Unfortunately sometimes these packs come loose and get lost, please contact us if so and we can send a pack out to you straight away.

The dowel holes will be pre-drilled for ease. Please just ensure the holes are free and you are lined up correctly with the piece behind by sticking a pencil or similar down each hole first. Please use a soft hammer to gently tap each dowel into the whole. Do not force it, as you may split the wood.

Guide each dowel in until; the bench is secure. If the dowel won’t doesn’t go in the full depth, but the bench is secure, this is fine and quite common. Simply snip the dowels from the outside so that it is flush with the bench. Use the screws to secure the seat, pilot holes can be found on the underside of the seat itself on either end, looking into the arm sections.