Recycle + Reuse

At Ottena we realise that more so now than ever we need to be providing more unique and innovative approaches to delivering our products to you in the most eco-and sustainable way possible. This simply means that we are taking an active step to ensuring that the processes and materials used by us impact the environment and the least way possible.

This isn't always easy to accomplish and something every business gets criticised on. For instance we would love to be able to not to use any plastics in our packaging process, however they are essential to ensuring that the furniture arrives to you in perfect condition. 

Teak is an extremely slow grown timber that lasts an extremely long time if cared for correctly, so we need to ensure that by using the correct packaging materials, that the effort and resources used in the growing process isn't for nothing and that your furniture is protected.

The packaging we use

We are making an active eco-conscious step in our approach to packaging and delivering your furniture. We are trying to ensure that firstly the furniture arrives to you without being broken and secondly that the packaging used to protect the furniture from sustainable sources where possible and can also be recycled and reused ensuring that is not a single use item.

When unpacking your teak garden furniture there are a few things we recommend to be able to reuse the packaging as best as possible. Unravelling the stretch wrap and bubble wrap rather than cutting enables it to be reused again. If you can reuse then please do so, or offer it to others for free. Failing that it can be recycled.

All items used to pack your furniture are reusable and recyclable.

✔️ The bubble wrap used to protect your furniture is manufactured from at least 30% recycled content and is mono bubble wrap and is 100% recyclable.

✔️The stretch wrap is manufactured from 30% recycled LDPE and is 100% recyclable.

✔️  The cardboard wrapping surrounding your furniture is 100% recyclable.

We actively encourage you to make reuse the packaging where possible in other ways or by gifting it for free to other people who may be able to use it. We also encourage you to make use of local recycling facilities to be able to ensure that the packaging used by us is recycled and not binned. 

Garden Furniture made from eco-sourced materials.

Our teak garden furniture is manufactured in Indonesia, using sustainably sourced Teak and supported by replanting schemes. Using timber that will last means you won't have to buy 'fast' furniture and replace it every year.


Reusing is the best practice! But where that is not possible we actively encourage you to recycle as much as possible. The materials used by us are recyclable.

Recycling has come on leaps and bounds recently and most councils have tons of information about recycling schemes in the local area as well as stores, shops and recycling centres that will be able to take your packaging.

We've compiled some helpful links that we think will help you recycle better:

To find out locally where to recycle your bubble wrap and stretch wrap: please click here

To find out locally where to recycle your cardboard: please click here

If you scroll down to the bottom of either link it tells you where your local recycling facilities are.

If you have any questions at all about our furniture, or the packaging that we use, or just want to know something else please feel free to get in touch.

Our Couriers

We work with a number of different couriers to deliver our goods to you. It's far more sustainable and economical than delivering our goods to you ourselves. 

One of the main careers we work with its FedEx who are making great strides with their priority earth Priority Earth initiative in becoming more sustainably run and reducing the amount of CO2 their business produces: Find out more here

Offsetting our Impact

As a business we are extremely conscious about offsetting our impact when supplying furniture to you. This is from the initial stages of manufacturing all the way through to receiving your delivery. We are obsessed with making sure that we do better, where we can.


One of our biggest and newest initiatives is that we are planting a tree for every order you place with us. This is in an effort to make sure that we are offsetting our whole order process from manufacturing to delivery. This is an automatic process and the second you place an order with us we will plant a tree for you in your name and send you all confirmation details of that. This new initiative of ours has been extremely well received and we hope going forward to plant many more trees.

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