Pub Garden Furniture

Pub Garden Furniture - Teak Furniture perfect for Beer Gardens


At Ottena we are proud to be able to supply such a large range of Pub Garden Furniture that we have been supplying for many years now. All of our Teak Garden furniture has been purposely manufactured so that it can withstand the heavy usage that any pub garden furniture should be able to live up to. Whether it be a pub garden patio set that you are after or a pub bench that you want to purchase, we can offer all of these for you that are built to withstand heavy usage. This is critical for every set of pub garden furniture if it isn't built to withstand such heavy usage, then there is little chance that the furniture will be able to last for a long time. We pride ourselves in manufacturing and supplying such heavy-duty furniture for many many years now, we know exactly what makes a hardwearing piece of beer garden furniture and how to ensure that it lasts for many many years.


Beer Garden Furniture


We chose to use Teak for the majority of all of our pub garden furniture. As it's a hardwood and we manufacture all of our furniture to be extremely chunk it makes for extremely hard-wearing pub garden furniture which means that it is built to last. We have supplied all of our furniture to a wide range of businesses before including cafe's, golf clubs, pub garden furniture and lots of other businesses as outdoor seating. We hold a huge range of beer garden furniture in stock so if you are unable to find exactly what you need for your pub garden, then get in touch as there is every possibility that we will have what you need in stock already or can source whatever it is you are looking for, for your beer garden. We pride ourselves in being able to offer such a large range of pub garden furniture and love to have a chat about what you may need, so feel free to get in touch.

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We also supply a large range of Picnic Benches which are perfect for use as pub garden furniture. These are handcrafted and extremely heavy duty. Using FSC sustainably sourced timber that is extremely chunky makes for Picnic Benches that are very heavy duty and built to withstand a lot of constant use throughout the day. Perfect for use within a busy business area, cafe and particularly perfect for a pub garden or beer garden. We offer pub patio sets that are absolutely perfect for any beer garden, pub garden or even as cafe furniture. All of the pub garden furniture that we supply is in stock and can be delivered generally within 2-3 days making it perfect if any of your existing furniture has broken.

Pub Garden Benches

All of our fabulous Lutyen benches are handcrafted from sustainably sourced Teak. Meaning that they are built to last. Teak is an extremely hardwood and this is critical to the longevity of the bench itself.