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Ottena are one of the leading suppliers of outdoor café tables and chairs on the market today. We sell a huge range of café tables and chairs which are perfect for usage in heavy traffic scenarios and busy businesses. All of our outdoor café tables and chairs are made using the finest teak and come in a range of different options, folding which can be perfect for usage when space is at a premium and you need to tidy up all of your furniture every day after work. Awful fixed tables which are extremely useful when you want to use something a little bit more heavy duty to support the amount of customers that you have coming into your café every day and when space is not so much a premium.

Making all of our outdoor café tables and chairs from teak is one of the most sustainable thing you can do for your business. Because teak is extremely hard wearing and very very robust it is able to withstand extremely heavy usage and as a result be left outside all year round and lasted extremely long time. This means it is great for your business because you are investing in an eco-product that is able to withstand usage that you need it to and last in a long time, meaning that you don’t have to replace the café tables and chairs every year and as a result throw away more furniture which is extremely wasteful and horrible for your carbon footprint. It is sometimes best from an eco-point of view to buy once rather than having to buy several times, throwaway furniture is one of the worst things for the environment.

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Our outdoor café tables and chairs are made using traditional methods which have been tried and tested many many years by our master craftsmen which as you can imagine have worked for hundreds of years. All of the furniture that we make is personally tested by us and tons of other businesses all over the UK, we have been selling commercial grade furniture to café’s, pubs, restaurants, schools, other government bodies for many years and as a result have come to build furniture that can withstand heavy usage that you needed to on a daily basis.


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Choosing teak garden furniture for your outdoor café tables and chairs is a statement as much as it is a necessity. Choosing a product which is extremely sustainable but also very very attractive can be a fantastic selling point for your business. Making the right impression for your business is essential competition is more rife than ever between café’s and making sure that your business looks as good as possible is extremely important. Making sure you have comfortable furniture for your café table and chairs should also be equally as important. We believe that our teak garden furniture creates a statement piece and as generally is the first thing that customers see when walking into your business it is best to make sure that you are creating the best impression.


Alongside our outdoor café tables and chairs we also sell a huge range of teak garden benches, which aren’t always perfect for café use however we find that a lot of our customers now want to provide more informal seating for when customers come in for just coffee and cakes and don’t want to take up valuable seating space for those looking to dine in your café! Our teak garden benches then work as a perfect solution to providing informal seating for your customers alongside our teak coffee tables. Our garden benches match all of our café table and chairs so they look perfect in your commercial setting and match up brilliantly.


Teak outdoor café tables and chairs are the centre point for any business making sure that they are extremely comfortable is critical for making sure that your customers are going to enjoy themselves when they’re visiting your café or restaurant. All of our furniture is very comfortable and we have a range of different options to support people with more requirements and needs. We also sell a huge range of cushions for all of our teak outdoor café table and chairs to make sure that they are extremely comfortable for everyone to sing in for a long time. You don’t want your furniture to be uncomfortable and be the reason that your customers are leaving quickly!


The really has never been a better time to start investing in your business and investing in your ability to be able to cater for your customers outside. With COVID looking to change the face of businesses forever it’s never been more prevalent that we start adjusting to these changes that can happen without our say, to making sure that your business is able to cater for people in an outdoor alfresco environment is extremely important. And that is why we have curated a huge range of teak outdoor garden furniture that is specifically designed for commercial usage. It’s hard wearing, robust and built with longevity in mind and ready to last for many years to come. Alongside our outdoor café tables and chairs we are excited to bring you a new line of commercial grade parasols which we are able to offer for usage with almost all of our different café tables that we offer today. Using our commercial parasols means that an our furniture can be used almost all year round and in wet weather - which whilst generally wouldn’t be something we would consider at all with Covid not looking like it’s gonna disappear at any time soon we need to be ready for this situation and make the best of it to ensure that we don’t suffer as a result of it.


We have huge supply of all of the ranges of outdoor café table and chairs that are on our website. All of these items are generally available on a 1 to 2 day delivery service and very often next-day delivery. Our commercial parasols are also available for extremely quick delivery and can be with you next day also. All of our outdoor café table and chairs are delivered flat pack for a very simple and quick delivery, however assembly is extremely simple and can be done by almost anyone in under 15 minutes. All of our commercial furniture comes flat packed not just because it ensures that your delivery arrives to you safely but also because it allows you to safely transport it to its final destination. Our assembly instructions come pre-included in your welcome email on confirmation of your order and couldn’t be simpler and easier to follow! If you have any questions regarding our outdoor café table and chairs then simply get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to chew your ear off and talk all things teak outdoor café table and chairs!!

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