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Outdoor cafe furniture can take many forms although at Ottena we are confident we offer a fantastic range of outdoor cafe furniture suitable for various uses. All of our outdoor cafe furniture is manufactured using teak, a hardwearing tropical hardwood which has a number of desirable properties lending its use perfectly to the manufacturing of outdoor cafe furniture. Teak itself is very hard wearing and long lasting so when purchasing your outdoor cafe furniture from Ottena, you are making an investment for the future. Teak also contains natural oils which help in its weather resistance, a particular benefit given the unpredictable British climate!

Teak Outdoor Cafe Furniture


A key consideration when shopping for outdoor cafe furniture must be the perceived lifespan of the furniture and its ability to stand up to regular use by the public and your customers. Our high quality teak furniture is well suited to use as outdoor cafe furniture and if carefully maintained will last for years and years. Teak outdoor cafe furniture is also a sign of luxury and quality, enhancing the appeal of your cafe seating area to your customers.


Luxury Outdoor Cafe Furniture


Our range of outdoor cafe furniture includes a variety of options offering a great deal of versatility and flexibility when designing your outdoor seating space. Shopping for outdoor cafe furniture with Ottena could not be simpler and we have every base covered:


Shop a combination of the above to introduce a fantastic range of outdoor cafe furniture to your al fresco dining space and keep your customers coming back to dine in style.

- Smaller two seater outdoor cafe furniture sets available in table sizes ranging from 60cm to 80cm and table tops which are circular, square or octagonal.

- Medium sized outdoor cafe furniture sets which will comfortably seat four people around a circular, square, octagonal or rectangular table top.

- Our largest outdoor cafe furniture sets can seat six to eight people in comfort. These outdoor cafe furniture sets include our top of the range pedestal tables in either a 1.5m or 1.6m size table which a circular, oval or rectangular table top.

Whilst outdoor cafe furniture may typically comprise a variety of table and chair sets, there is always a place for a quality teak bench or two amongst your outdoor cafe furniture allowing customers the chance to relax with a coffee in comfort. Or, add a touch of class by introducing Adirondack chairs to your outdoor cafe furniture selection. These chairs are so comfortable your customers will not want to leave.

Unique Outdoor Cafe Furniture

Our outdoor cafe furniture sets include a combination of our classic folding chairs with the option to include folding garden arm chairs for added comfort.

We now offer a range of bespoke cushions which have been tailormade to fit our range of teak outdoor cafe furniture perfectly. These cushions will enhance the comfort of your outdoor cafe furniture but also add an injection of colour, being available in green, navy blue or cream.

When the sun is shining, a parasol can be a fantastic addition to your outdoor cafe furniture. Adding a parasol can allow your customers to enjoy your outdoor cafe furniture for a longer period of time and potentially increase your income potential. Each table which is 80cm or larger from our range of outdoor cafe furniture will include a parasol hole for easy application.

Where storage is limited, our folding outdoor cafe furniture can be useful in allowing for the furniture to be neatly folded away and stored during the harsher winter months. The folding mechanism is very straightforward and easy to operate. Where storage is limited, we now offer a range of shower proof covers for our range of outdoor cafe furniture, available in green or navy blue to give your outdoor cafe furniture an added layer of protection.

We pride ourselves on a market leading delivery service with free and fast delivery available on your outdoor cafe furniture purchase. Once your order has been received, we aim to have it dispatched within 24 hours on a next day delivery service so usually you should have your outdoor cafe furniture within 48 hours!

We would be delighted to hear from you, so if you have any questions or specific requirements for outdoor cafe furniture then please get in touch using hello@ottena.co.uk.

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