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Teak Muskoka Chairs


Our Adirondack chairs are one of the most popular and best selling lines we have here at Ottena. The unique seating position, with the seat lower at the back compared to the front, together with the gently sloping back rest and perfectly located arm rests combine together to offer extreme comfort and never ending relaxation. We are yet to find a customer who has not been happy with their purchase!

Adirondack chairs were named after the Adirondack Mountains in New York and have been in existence for over 100 years, having first been designed in 1903. Since then Adirondacks have become a feature of the garden furniture market and have global popularity. However, whilst typically retailers will refer to the chairs of this style as an Adirondack, they can be confused with a Muskoka chair which is in fact the very same thing! These are not to be confused and there is no notable difference between the style/design of an Adirondack and Muskoka garden seat. Whilst the style and finish of an Adirondack chair, or Muskoka chair, can vary slightly between retailers and manufacturers, the seating position, back rest slant and arm rest designs generally remain consistent. We are confident that the range of teak Muskoka chairs we offer combine quality, luxury and comfort.

Teak Muskoka Chairs

We are extremely proud of our range of teak Muskoka chairs and we are pleased to bring you a number of combinations to upgrade your garden furniture. Our standard Muskoka chair, not to be underestimated, is the cornerstone and we are confident we offer fantastic value for money compared to a number our competitors. Our track record of selling hundreds and hundreds of teak Adirondacks to happy customers speaks for itself. Please do not be lured into a cheaper alternative, a teak Muskoka chair of quality like we offer cannot be beaten. There are many retailers out there offering Adirondack and Muskoka style garden chairs for what appears to be a comparatively low price but generally, these are likely to be cheaply made using a shorter lived timber and less comfortable.

We have recently added a new line to our Muskoka chairs including a comfy foot stall, a complete no brainer for added relaxation and in our opinion, money well spent. The Adirondack chair with footstool comes flat packed and the footstool is separate rather than being fixed to the seat, offering greater flexibility to ensure maximum comfort.

We have combined our teak Adirondack and Muskoka chairs with our compact and versatile square coffee table to create a customer favourite, the garden loveseat set. Often garden loveseats come as fixed units making them difficult to fit a specific space in your garden or on your patio. There is an easy solution, our teak loveseat sets come as three separate pieces of quality teak garden furniture offering added versatility, configure them however you want to make a real feature seating area.

We have recently gone a step further by adding tailormade garden cushions to our range of garden furniture accessories. Our cushions are tailor made to fit our teak Muskoka chairs with precision including a tieback hook to ensure the cushion remains in position. These Adirondack cushions are available in a range of three colours (green, navy blue and cream) at a great price and really do take the level of comfort and relaxation to another level. When you’re shopping our range of teak Muskoka chairs, be sure to add the Muskoka cushions into the basket for a simple and effective upgrade which also adds an injection of colour, as well as comfort.

So if you’re looking for outdoor seating, please be sure to shop our quality range of teak Adirondack chairs, including our outdoor love seat sets and bespoke Adirondack cushions. Don’t forget, a Muskoka chair is the same as an Adirondack!

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Some light assembly will be required on delivery of your garden seat before it takes its rightful place.