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Teak Garden Table Set


Looking for a new garden table set? Then you have come to the right place! Here at Ottena we have many a garden table set in a huge range of shapes and sizes, suitable for all settings and purposes. All of garden furniture is manufactured using hard wearing teak so when you purchase a garden table set from us, it will be a sound investment. Teak is ideal for making garden furniture due to natural oils occurring in the timber which aid in protection from the elements and help to extend the life of your garden table set. Our suppliers accord with the requirements of Indonesian Legal Wood so you can be sure that the teak harvested to manufacture a garden table set purchased from Ottena has been done so in a sustainable manner to protect our natural environment.

Shopping for a garden table set can be confusing, but let us simplify things for you:

- 60cm tables are perfect for compact spaces such as balconies for seating 2 people. We offer a folding 60cm garden table set in circular, square and octagonal shapes.

- Looking for a slightly larger 2 person garden table set? Then our folding 70cm square table could be the option for you.

- Next is our 80cm tables, we offer a folding circular design together with a fixed square table. Perfect for a large 2 person garden table set.

- Our 1m garden tables are very popular since they are the ideal size for a 4 person garden table set. Our range includes folding circular and octagonal options together with a fixed 1m square garden table set.

- Perhaps you have room for a larger 4 person garden table set? If so, a 1.2m table could be for you. We have these in circular and rectangular folding varieties together with a fixed 1.2m rectangular table. If you are shopping for a more luxurious garden table set then you should consider our 1.2m circular pedestal tables.

- One of our most popular tables is the fixed 1.5m circular pedestal, a perfect option for a large 6 seater garden table set. A true sign of quality.

- Our range is completed by our fixed 1.6m pedestal tables, available in both rectangular and oval shape. The ideal solution for a large 6 - 8 seater garden table set.

Many of our tables come fully assembled with a simple but effective folding mechanism enabling for safe and neat storage of your garden table set. Each garden table set comes complete with a set of folding chairs which operate on a similar basis. The chairs are ever so comfortable and enable hours of enjoyment when al fresco dining at your garden table set.

Our fixed and pedestal tables do require some light assembly before your garden table set can be enjoyed. Delivery fully assembled is not an option for us as the products would be prone to too much damage. Your table will arrive in 2 or 3 pieces and require very light and straightforward assembly using timber dowels or brass bolts to secure the legs to the table top. This is very quick and easy to undertake and once built, you will have a sturdy fixed garden table set.

Maybe you don’t have room to store your garden table set during the winter? If so, our garden furniture covers are well worth considering. Available in both green and navy blue, these shower proof covers will add an additional element of protection to your garden table set throughout the winter when storage is not possible.

We now also offer a range of bespoke garden chair cushions, tailormade to fit our range of folding chairs for added comfort at your garden table set. The cushions are available in green, navy blue and cream and come complete with tie back hooks to secure the cushions in position. Don’t forget to shop our garden cushions when you’ve added your garden table set to the basket!

We are confident that our range includes a garden table set to suit all needs and requirements but if you have any queries then please do get in touch.

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