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Hi we are Ottena! We sell garden furniture all over the UK and in particular in Worcestershire. We have been proudly supplying garden furniture to Worcestershire for nearly 10 years now and as a result have given ourselves a reputation for supplying high quality teak furniture as well as a huge range of garden parasols throughout Worcestershire and the surrounding countryside.

We have built up a reputation over the last 10 years supplying garden furniture in Worcestershire by supplying only the best garden furniture that we would expect to have in our gardens ourselves. We don't compromise on quality and as a result our furniture is extremely solid chunky and built to last. It's that good that is consistently used in commercial projects throughout the UK.

Whilst we supply traditional teak garden furniture which would fit right at home in a stately house or manor, which Worcestershire has a lot of! We also are sellers of modern more contemporary designs that you would see in more designer properties and gardens.

Gorgeous Garden Furniture in Worcestershire

It's extremely hard by good quality garden furniture these days, when we started looking for garden furniture ourselves we always found it really hard to be able to see the quality and know that what you were buying was good was gonna last and that your money was being well spent. This was the basis for our business and why we supply garden furniture in Worcestershire. Whilst we've been supplying for the last 10 years we have a wealth of knowledge in this sector and have been working on it for far longer. We know the ins and out of our products and genuinely believe in them.

If you are out looking for garden furniture in Worcestershire is extremely hard to find exactly what you want that's where we step in. We sell all of our garden furniture online with next day delivery in Worcestershire. What makes us a cut above the rest is that all of our furniture can be ordered online discount prices and then delivered to you next day without compromising on any quality. All of our garden furniture is available with free delivery to Worcestershire. We are that confident confident in our products if you have any problems at all and you aren't happy, we will arrange for collection and arrange for refund simply and quickly. It's that easy. Taking the fuss out of shopping stop


So all of our garden furniture is built and designed with the UK weather in mind. We don't have the best weather in the UK especially in Worcestershire and as a result it can extremely wet and boggy at times and your garden furniture needs to be able to withstand the worst the UK weather has to throw at it. So that's why our furniture designs are generally made from teak or FSC sourced sustainable timber that is treated for UK weather. This means that the furniture that you are buying is built with UK winters in mind. Giving you peace of mind.

So we have a massive range of garden furniture here at Ottena. Whatever the look you are going for, for your garden furniture in Worcestershire, we've got you covered. If you have any questions until we got a team of experts on hand that can answer any questions that you may have if you can't find the answer on our website yourself.

Garden Furniture made from eco-sourced materials.

Our teak garden furniture is manufactured in Indonesia, using sustainably sourced Teak and supported by replanting schemes. Using timber that will last means you won't have to buy 'fast' furniture and replace it every year.

What we make our garden furniture with.

As I touched on earlier all of our garden furniture in Worcestershire that you can buy online is made using only the best materials. We have a master craftsman who have been building furniture all their lives that design, construct and manufacturer our garden furniture specifically for us. So what you may find on other sellers that whilst they do sell teak furniture it could be that is not built in a way that will last or is built using inferior timber or simply a much thinner design and which in turn will cause it to not last as long.

This is where we buck the trend we use only the best timber materials sourced exclusively from sustainably sourced and grown timber plantations. What this means is that the timber that your furniture is built from is not impacting the earth in a negative way. To further bolster our efforts to minimise our impact on the earth, we plant a tree for every order that you place with us making us an extremely sustainable choice when purchasing your garden furniture in Worcestershire.

Our eco-promise.

Our promise to you, is that we will do our best to minimise our impact, and in turn your impact when you are buying garden furniture in Worcestershire with us.

It's extremely hard to know these days the impact of our actions when purchasing new products but it's an extremely important one to know that the products that we are buying are not impacting the earth in a negative way. This has been at the forefront of our minds for a long time now and is something we are extremely passionate about. Making sure that we don't take more than we give.


It's essential to us that when you are buying your garden furniture in Worcestershire with us that you can shop guilt free and know that the products that you are buying are sustainable and eco.

We plant a tree for every order that you place with us as a reminder of our commitment to the environment. For us sustainability goes further than just some eco-packaging.


Where to buy garden furniture in Worcestershire?

 It harder than ever to buy garden furniture in Worcestershire on the high street. So we are bridging the gap and supply garden furniture to you on next-day delivery for free to all Worcestershire addresses and postcodes. We are able to supply garden furniture much more cost effectively than if we had a shop in Worcestershire so we are able to keep the prices down whilst keeping the quality high allowing you to get the garden furniture that you want for your garden design at prices that are affordable.

Also sets us apart when buying your garden furniture in Worcestershire is that we have a dedicated team on hand to answer any of your questions if you can't find what you're looking for on the website. This can all be done from the comfort of your house and with the click of a few buttons your garden furniture will be with you tomorrow! It is easy as that.



In the event that some of our teak outside furniture becomes damaged in transit, either on its way to us or to our customers, we will bring it back to our warehouse and recycle it. Our team are now experienced in making appropriate repairs to teak folding tables, teak dining chairs, teak garden benches and our garden parasols. These are often restored to perfect working order so they will have a long working life. 




Our recycled teak garden furniture and recycled garden parasols are available to purchase at a discount under our clearance section. This process significantly reduces waste.

We are very aware of the importance of sustainability and the climate crisis so we are always happy to field any questions or concerns you might have regarding the sustainability of our teak garden furniture. For more details regarding the SVLK and FLEGT accreditations, please see the links below:

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