Garden Furniture Lancashire

We are suppliers of garden furniture in Lancashire and are very proud to be able to offer this to you. We have ranges of teak garden furniture and wooden garden parasols that we can supply to the whole of the county of Lancashire.

Our teak garden furniture is manufactured from solid timber to give a long lasting and hard wearing product that will stand up to anything the weather in Lancashire can throw at it. we can not only supply garden furniture in Lancashire to the general public but we can also supply your commercial setting. Whether it be a pub, hotel, restaurant or cafe our ranges of teak garden furniture are all well suited to make the most of your chosen location and breath some new life into that forgotten outdoor area.

Knowing what kind of space you have available and what the final look is that you are hoping to achieve is key to choosing the right garden furniture in Lancashire. We are confident that our ranges of teak garden furniture and wooden garden parasols will provide you with comfort and relaxation in your outdoor area for many years to come.

The best garden furniture in Lancashire

You are looking to get some garden furniture in Lancashire and you are struggling. We are confident that we will have the items you need to get that tired and unloved outdoor area back to the lovely place it deserves to be in no time at all. We are confident we can bridge the gap in supplying garden furniture in Lancashire and making it much easier for you. Our ranges of teak garden furniture and wooden garden parasols for the most part are always in stock and we offer free and fast delivery to you. We are very proud of the ranges of furniture that we offer but if there is any issue with your order, no matter how slight and we cannot fix the issue for you and you wish to return, this is something we can offer for free for any garden furniture order in Lancashire.

Our beautiful ranges of teak garden furniture are manufactured to cope with whatever the UK weather can throw at it and is extremely hard wearing and of heavy duty construction. Our manufacturer uses mainly traditional joinery methods to ensure our furniture is strong and hard wearing and will last for many many years to come.

Lancashire based in the North West of England is a mainly rural county with over 80% of its land classed as rural so there is ample opportunity to be able to enjoy some of that beautiful and stunning landscapes and scenery whilst utilising some of our stunning teak garden furniture. As we know Blackpool is based in Lancashire and is home to many great attractions but if you want to find your own great attraction for your garden then we are sure to have what you are after when looking for some garden furniture in Lancashire.

Garden Furniture made from eco-sourced materials.

Our teak garden furniture is manufactured in Indonesia, using sustainably sourced Teak and supported by replanting schemes. Using timber that will last means you won't have to buy 'fast' furniture and replace it every year.

Materials in our garden furniture.

At Ottena we always ensure that we are using the best materials to manufacture our fantastic ranges of garden furniture. We also always ensure that our teak is only ever sourced from sustainable plantations. Meaning our ranges of teak garden benches, teak patio sets and our ever popular Adirondack chairs are made from eco-friendly sustainably sourced teak. Our teak is closely cotrolled by a SVLK certification scheme which ensures only timber from these sustainable plantations is used and exported. This scheme ensures this happens and stops any foul play occuring.

We try to limit the use of other materials such as plastics and metals and our manufacturer utilises traditional joinery methods to construct the furniture to give a strong and hard wearing overall finish. Inevitably we do have to use metals and plastics but we try to keep this to a minimum level as possible.

Our eco-promise.

Being more "eco" is so important in protecting our environment and planet for future generations. At Ottena we are always looking at ways we can improve and become more eco-friendly with delivering our fantastic products. The teak we use to manufacture our garden furniture only ever comes from sustainable plantations which are closely controlled. 

When it comes to transporting and delivering our garden furniture products we are again always looking to improve how we do this. It is difficult sending wooden items through courier networks as they can be fragile and hence using bubble wrap is the best option. The bubble wrap we use is partly manufactured from recycled plastics and once you have finished using the bubble wrap it is 100% recyclable.

Our newest scheme we now offer and one we are very proud of is our tree planting scheme. This means that for every order placed with us at Ottena we will plant a tree. This will help to protect our forests for future genertions and many years to come.

Where to buy garden furniture in Lancashire?

                                   So when you are searching for and looking to buy some fantastic garden furniture in Lancashire, we are sure that we will have the items to suit your needs. Offering fast                                            and free delivery of the stock we have of our teak garden furniture and wooden parasols to your delivery address in Lancashire. transform that neglected outdoor area                                                                                                        with some simply stunning items of garden furniture, what are you waiting for!!

If you have any questions about our furniture or want to know something else please feel free to get in touch.



In the event that some of our teak outside furniture becomes damaged in transit, either on its way to us or to our customers, we will bring it back to our warehouse and recycle it. Our team are now experienced in making appropriate repairs to teak folding tables, teak dining chairs, teak garden benches and our garden parasols. These are often restored to perfect working order so they will have a long working life. 




Our recycled teak garden furniture and recycled garden parasols are available to purchase at a discount under our clearance section. This process significantly reduces waste.

We are very aware of the importance of sustainability and the climate crisis so we are always happy to field any questions or concerns you might have regarding the sustainability of our teak garden furniture. For more details regarding the SVLK and FLEGT accreditations, please see the links below:

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