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Running a small family business is something we are very proud of and being able to offer some fantastic furniture is what we love to do. So when you are looking for garden furniture in Cambridgeshire we have a vast range of teak garden furniture and wooden garden parasols available.

When it comes to searching for garden furniture in Cambridgeshire it can be a very stressful task. Let us eleviate that stress and visit our site to find yourself that something that will take pride of place in your chosen outdoor location. We can also supply garden furniture in Cambridgeshire to a wide variety of commercial settings, whether it be your cafe, pub or restaurant, we will have an item of furniture to meet your requirements.

Our hard-wearing and long lasting teak garden furniture is built perfectly to stand up to the elements. With Cambridgeshire being predominently a flat terrain county you will be able to sit and relax in your chosen piece of furniture and enjoy stunning views wherever you may be. So if you are searching for garden furniture in Cambridgeshire we are sure you will find that perfect piece for your garden or patio area.

The best garden furniture in Cambridgeshire

If you are in the market for some garden furniture in Cambridgeshire then we hope you will find our products as beautiful as we do. With there only being a limited number of garden furniture stores in Cambridgeshire we hope we can be there to fill that void and offer a wide range of stunning garden furniture items for you to consider. Our furniture items for the most part are all in stock and we also offer free next day delivery of our teak garden furniture. This will ensure you are able to purchase your garden furniture in Cambridgeshire quickly and simply, with no aggravation or inconvenience. We are very proud of the ranges of teak garden furniture and wooden garden parasols that we offer and provide a simple returns process if for some reason you are not entirely happy with your purchase. This will make searching and shopping for garden furniture in Cambridgeshire a pain free process, making sure you are sitting in your garden relaxing in the least amount of time possible.

Our extensive ranges of teak garden furniture and wooden garden parasols are tailored to suit any of the finest UK weather that can be thrown at it. Our manufacturers use hard-wearing and strong components and materials to construct our beautiful selection of furniture. With the use of tried and tested traditional joinery methods you can be confident in your purchase and with little to no year to year maintenance required you will have some garden furniture that will last for many many years to come.

Cambridgeshire is such a beautiful part of the country covering a large part of East Anglia. Probably most well known for Cambridge University where many great minds have been educated. So to ensure you choose the right garden furniture in Cambridgeshire be sure to think like all those great minds that ave studied at the university and take a look at our ranges of teak garden furniture and wooden garden parasols. With the lovey flat terrain that Cambridgeshire has, why shouldn't you have a stunning piece of furniture to sit in your outdoor area and take in all that lovely scenery.

Garden Furniture made from eco-sourced materials.

Our teak garden furniture is manufactured in Indonesia, using sustainably sourced Teak and supported by replanting schemes. Using timber that will last means you won't have to buy 'fast' furniture and replace it every year.

Materials in our garden furniture.

When purchasing garden furniture in Cambridgeshire you want to be sure you are buying a quality, well made product. With all of our garden furniture manufactured from solid, long lasting teak which has of course been sustainably sourced by our manufacturer. All of our teak is protected under the SVLK certification system which ensures all teak used only comes from sustainable plantations. This certification ensures there is no foul play with the teak used in all of our furniture.

Where possible all of our garden furniture is manufactured fro timber and we try hard not to use unnecessary metals or plastics but from time to time we do have to. We keep this to an absolute minimum and manufacture using traditional joinery methods.

Our eco-promise.

We all know how important today that looking after our planet and our environment is extremely important. At Ottena we want to ensure you can make your furniture purchase as guilt free as possible. We use only sustainably sourced teak to manufacture all of our furniture and we have now set up a tree planting scheme to further help. This means that for every order placed with us at Ottena we will plant a tree to help for many generations to come. 

When it comes to packing and sending our orders we also want to do everything we can to ensure we do everything possible to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Yes we do use bubble wrap to package our orders but we try to keep this to a minimum and use only bubble wrap that is made from recycled plastics and as it is known as mono bubble wrap, this makes it 100% recyclable. 

We are always looking for ways to improve on our tree planting scheme and our use of recyclable materials for our furniture orders.

Where to buy garden furniture in Cambridgeshire?

                       So when you are looking to buy garden furniture in Cambridgeshire you can be assured we will have exactly what you are looking for. Our teak garden furniture and wooden garden parasols are all in stock and we offer free delivery on most of our orders placed. Transform that unused, unloved area of your garden or patio and make it a special place to spend                                                                                                                                             many hours with friends and family.

If you have any questions about our furniture or want to know something else please feel free to get in touch.



In the event that some of our teak outside furniture becomes damaged in transit, either on its way to us or to our customers, we will bring it back to our warehouse and recycle it. Our team are now experienced in making appropriate repairs to teak folding tables, teak dining chairs, teak garden benches and our garden parasols. These are often restored to perfect working order so they will have a long working life. 




Our recycled teak garden furniture and recycled garden parasols are available to purchase at a discount under our clearance section. This process significantly reduces waste.

We are very aware of the importance of sustainability and the climate crisis so we are always happy to field any questions or concerns you might have regarding the sustainability of our teak garden furniture. For more details regarding the SVLK and FLEGT accreditations, please see the links below:

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