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Here at Ottena we are proud to be experienced suppliers of patio and garden furniture in Bexley. For almost 10 years now we have been working to bring you the highest quality teak furniture and wooden parasols that are the perfect addition to an outdoor area in need of a boost. That outdoor area that is lacking in some style and much needed love will appreciate being treated to a wide range of products that can make it into an area where you wish to spend hour upon hour.

Bexley is located on the south east edge of London and has several open and green spaces such as Danson Park and Hall Place Gardens which provide locals with open spaces to relax and excercise in. It is also home to many independent shops and restaurants making it a vibrant and exciting place to live in. Being able to take in some of this from the comfort of your own garden or patio is something that we can certainly help with. Whether it's your private garden or even your commercial setting such as a coffee shop, pub or terrace outside of your restaurant, when searching for garden furniture in Bexley then here at Ottena we can supply you with products to breath some much deserved life into these places and areas.

The best garden furniture in Bexley

Being able to supply patio and garden furniture in Bexley is something we have been doing now for almost 10 years. Our ranges of teak furniture and wooden parasols will help to transform that unloved and untouched sunny corner of your garden or patio into a location that can be cherished for many years. Our expert craftsman have been manufacturing our teak garden benches, chairs and patio sets from solid, long lasting teak and have been supplying us ever since we started our company. We have kept the same manufacturer for our teak furniture so that we could work closely with them to ensure we are always bringing you the best possible products. They mainly use traditional joinery methods that help to give not only a lovely looking product but one that is built to be hard wearing and long lasting.

You want to be sure that the patio and garden furniture in Bexley that you buy is built to last. We have been working with our manufacturers since 2015 to make sure we only ever bring you products that are built to last. With our benches, dining sets and chairs built from solid teak they are sure to be sat in your garden for you to enjoy for many many years. Teak is such a fantastic timber and is probably seen as the number 1 choice material to manufacture outdoor furniture from. It has some great naturally occuring properties that help to give it protection and resilience to the elements. When new teak is a beautiful golden brown colour that can bring some much needed life into that untouched sunny corner of your garden. As it fades and weathers it turns to a more mellow silver/grey patina that can also be just as popular. Teak furniture also is very user friendly and needs little to no maintenance year on year, cleaning and oiling can help to protect for longer but is not an absolute necessity.

With Bexley being a picteresque and diserable area in South East London, with its rich history, open spaces and many shops and restaurants it is not difficult to see the attraction in the area. We want you to be able to make the most of this and when you are in the market for some patio or garden furniture in Bexley, then here at Ottena we have got you covered. Whether it be a simple small side table or a large patio set for entertaining family or friends then we will have the products to answer your needs. From private to commercial locations, Ottena is proud to be able to assist you on your garden furniture journey.

Garden Furniture made from eco-sourced materials.

Our teak garden furniture is manufactured in Indonesia, using sustainably sourced Teak and supported by replanting schemes. Using timber that will last means you won't have to buy 'fast' furniture and replace it every year.

Materials in our garden furniture.

Our ranges of teak furniture and wooden parasols are all manufactured from sustaibaly sourder timber. The teak we use for our garden benches, chairs and patio sets comes from Javanese plantations that are controlled and governed under the SVLK certification scheme. This will certify the legitimacy of the teak we use and will ensure there is no foul play taking place. To also help we have recently introduced a tree planting scheme to our business which will plant a tree for every order placed with us.

We have been working closely with our manufacturers now for almost 10 years and have been fine tuning our furniture to make sure we bring you the best possible that is made mainly from timber products. The use of metals and plastics we try to avoid but where we do we keep this to an absolute minimum.

Our eco-promise.

As everyone is fully aware, it is very important that we are all doing what we can to help protect and look after our fragile environment and planet, ensuring we are all doing our bit to help. At Ottena we are always looking at ways we can improve and help. We have recently introduced a new pallet delivery service to our business which will help us to reduce the amount of packaging needed for larger orders and items. The other orders are wrapped in cardboard and bubble wrap and both of these materials are 100% recyclable once not needed anymore. Disposing of them after you have finished with them at a relevant recycling centre is all that we ask from you.

We also only ever use timber that has come from sustainable sources. The forests and plantations are controlled to ensure they are kept sustainable and there are strict measures in place to ensure this takes place. A great new initiative we have recently introduced is our tree planting scheme. This scheme, on your behalf, will plant a tree for every order that you place with us here at Ottena. I am sure you will agree this is a fantastic scheme helping to give a little back.

Where to buy garden furniture in Bexley?

When shopping for patio or garden furniture in Bexley then Ottena has fantastic ranges of teak furniture and wooden parasols that are perfectly suited for both domestic and commercial applications. Our website has lots of tips and advice available and we are always an email away if you have any other questions. The stock you see is ready to be dispatched to you in Bexley on a fast and free service so you can be enjoying the great outdoors sooner than you think.

If you have any questions about our furniture or want to know something else please feel free to get in touch.



In the event that some of our teak outside furniture becomes damaged in transit, either on its way to us or to our customers, we will bring it back to our warehouse and recycle it. Our team are now experienced in making appropriate repairs to teak folding tables, teak dining chairs, teak garden benches and our garden parasols. These are often restored to perfect working order so they will have a long working life. 




Our recycled teak garden furniture and recycled garden parasols are available to purchase at a discount under our clearance section. This process significantly reduces waste.

We are very aware of the importance of sustainability and the climate crisis so we are always happy to field any questions or concerns you might have regarding the sustainability of our teak garden furniture. For more details regarding the SVLK and FLEGT accreditations, please see the links below:

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