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We are incredibly proud to be able to supply a huge range of commercial grade outdoor furniture made exclusively for Ottena. Our commercial outdoor furniture is designed to be extremely hard wearing and solid and as a result we have managed to supply thousands of businesses and homes all over the UK with some of the finest commercial patio furniture on the market today. All of our commercial teak furniture is manufactured using traditional methods which have been tried and tested for many many years and as a result are of extremely solid construction. We sell all of our commercial grade furniture to huge different array of businesses within the UK which includes pubs, schools, colleges, café's and any establishment which can benefit from enhancing their outdoor seating area. There's a lot to be said about having extremely attractive and hard wearing commercial and garden furniture, it's the first thing that your customers see when they are entering your business and as a result can be some of the first impressions on your customers.

We have huge stock holdings of some of our fabulous commercial outdoor furniture available for immediate delivery within the UK. All of our commercial outdoor furniture is rigorously tested to be able to withstand commercial grade usage for many many years to come. All of our commercial outdoor furniture are manufactured using sustainably sourced teak that is of the highest quality and is of an extremely chunky construction making it perfect for commercial outdoor furniture. We also sell a huge range of commercial garden parasols which we have sold to many many businesses throughout the UK to perfectly extend their outdoor area no matter what the weather. All of our garden furniture is made from sustainably sourced eco teak which is at the heart of what we do and our whole ethos is about making environmentally friendly products that will last a lifetime.

Teak Commerical Outdoor Furniture


There are huge amounts of different commercial outdoor furniture on the market today, so that it can be extremely hard to know what to look for when searching for commercial furniture for your business. A lot of commercial content on the market today comes in a range of different manufacturing processes, a lot of these types of furniture come mass produced and as a result can be extremely cold and visually unappealing. We at Ottena have made it our mission to make sure that the commercial outdoor furniture that we are supplying is a step above the rest whilst providing fantastic focal point for your business and fantastic seating for your business and your customers. Making sure that your outdoor furniture for your business is a cut above the rest can be the difference between someone going to your café or someone else's. All of our commercial outdoor furniture is made from teak using traditional hand crafting techniques which have been tried and tested for many many decades. He will make a statement for your business then our teak commercial outdoor furniture is the way to go about it.


Teak commercial patio furniture


it can be extremely hard to know what teak commercial patio furniture you should be looking for your business we have a couple of different ranges that provide the perfect amount seating no matter how many customers and guests you are looking to seek for your business. All of our furniture is crafted from teak, we recommend teak as some of the best wood you can use for your commercial outdoor furniture is extremely hard wearing and is tried and tested over many generations. Teak commercial furniture can last for many many years and as a result it is extremely sustainable because you do not end up having to replace it time and time again. So whether or not you are looking to be more eco-conscious in your business endeavours is still a great idea to be purchasing teak commercial outdoor furniture for your business just due to the money-saving facts you will not have to replace it every year.


there are a lot of moulded metal commercial grade furniture options on the market today however these are extremely generic and often have a very limited lifespan due to their quick and very cheap construction process. It is generally worth spending a little bit more once see you don't have to replace the furniture time and time again and this is where our teak commercial outdoor furniture really comes into its own is extremely solid junkie and robust making it perfect for everyday heavy usage which is often common with commercial business use.


There are a lot of different factors to consider when buying commercial grade furniture for your business. You need to make sure that you are buying commercial outdoor furniture that fits your business perfectly whilst allowing the perfect amount of seating for your customers. We have a huge different range of garden benches which are perfect for commercial outdoor furniture and are extremely well received by all of our customers. We have six different individual styles of commercial garden bench and these all come in a range of different sizes as well to accommodate the amount of visitors that you want to be able to seek. We often find that these benches are well used in commercial settings where you have frequent use and want something extremely solid and chunky to be able to accommodate your guests. These can be paired with coffee tables for relaxed dining and are perfect for café's, or equally they can be paired with dining tables to offer something a little more robust and a little less informal. These allow massive amounts of seating is on smaller tables which are perfect when space is at a premium in your commercial setting. All of our commercial outside garden furniture benches are made using finest teak and are built using solid traditional construction methods which are all wooden jointed and including no metal. This means that the extremely solid and as a result they do not fail under the weather, as there is simply no metal parts to rust which. This is extremely common in other cheaper brands of furniture when metal presses are used to create furniture of the commercial grade on the cheap.


We have a lot of different sizes of commercial outdoor furniture which are ideal for usage in café's, restaurants, pubs, businesses where formal dining seating is needed. Our range of teak commercial outdoor furniture starts with small 60 cm roundtables all the way up to huge extending 2.1 m teak tables which are able to see 14 people and upwards. So no matter how many people you are trying to see in your business we have an option for you which are extremely stylish in design. Commercial patio furniture doesn't need to be cold hard and unappealing, we want to change the way that commercial furniture is viewed in the market today making it more about style and design then simple cheap and easy to come by furniture.


All of our commercial patio sets are extremely easy to assemble, a lot of them are folding in fact, which is perfect when storage is at a premium and then it needs to be taken in and out every day, just like in many café's which are road fronted. Our larger commercial patio furniture sets are extremely solid and chunky whilst being extremely modern and attractive making them perfect for when you need to seek more people and have furniture that will withstand the test of time under heavy usage. This is particularly true of busy restaurants and pubs. Pub usage is generally seen as the heaviest usage you will ever see on garden furniture and we regularly sell our commercial outdoor furniture to an array of different pubs all over the country.


There's never been a better time to start creating an outdoor space for your business, with COIVD impacting our lives every single day and the way that we can operate and run our businesses, we need to react to this change and make sure that our outdoor spaces are more attractive and better than ever so that everyone can use them and our businesses can begin to adjust to the changes that COVDI is bringing. All of our teak commercial outdoor furniture can be left outside all year round and as we have said previously can withstand the heavy usage needed businesses are running at full capacity. We offer a range of commercial parasols that complement all of our teak commercial furniture as well which makes them perfect for use outside all year round. Our commercial parasols come in a range of different sizes, and similarly to our teak garden furniture also are made of extremely solid hardwood which is very sustainable and also extremely hard wearing and tried and tested.

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All of our teak commercial outdoor furniture is available for extremely quick UK delivery. All of our furniture comes flat packed for simple and hasslefree delivery making it extremely straightforward and easy to accept delivery. Most of the time the furniture that we sell commercially is available on next-day delivery as well. Assembly of our commercial outdoor furniture couldn't be more straightforward. We include full instructions for all of our commercial furniture assembly, but for the most part you don't need any instructions from us, is simply pushing together the furniture and securing with wooden dowels. There are very few metal parts on our furniture. So whilst it is flatpack furniture it is not flatpack furniture in the conventional sense of the word and it is very simple to assemble but extremely solid and hard wearing. No corners have been cut on any of our commercial outdoor furniture

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Shop our excellent range of long lasting teak commercial outdoor garden furniture today. Everything is available on extremely fast delivery off the next day depending on how late in the day you place your order. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask one of our team are always around ready to answer any questions that you may have, we have tons of experience citing our furniture in commercial settings so feel free to get in touch using