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Commemorative Benches

At Ottena we sell a gorgeous range of very classic and traditional designed Commemorative Seats and Commemorative Benches. We have a huge range of our gorgeous commemorative benches that are perfect to celebrate any occasion or treasure a loved one. We offer plaques which can be tailored, fitted and inscribed with your own message for that extra special personal touch making them the perfect way to remember a loved one and one of the most gorgeous presents you could give to anyone.

Teak Commemorative Seats


We sell Teak commemorative seats which are made from nothing but the finest Teak. Uing only traditonal designs and traditional, tried and tested manufacturing methods that have worked for centuries and have stood the test of time. We do this to ensure that all of the Commemorative seats that we sell for memorials are built to last an extremely long time and trying act in memory for a loved one.



Teak Commemorative Bench


At Ottena we provide a wide range of Commemorative Benches as well, which are extremely popular as memorial benches and perfect to be used to celebrate the life of a loved family member or friend. We make these exclusively out of Teak and they are all personalisable using our gorgeous inscribed plaques made from either traditional brass or stainless steel.




Commemorative Seats and Commemorative Benches

There is no better and more fitting way to pay tribute to a loved one than having one of our teak commemorative seats inscribed and personalised to celebrate their life. We truly believe this. Commemorative benches like these are not only a fantastic gesture, but they are perfect to be placed in your loved family member or friends favourite spot to be able to sit with them and truly remember them.


That is why at Ottena we sell a huge range of these gorgeous commemorative seats for all to enjoy. On all of the memorial benches that we supply we only use the absolute highest quality sustainably and ethically sourced Teak wood for all of our benches. Our master craftsmen use only the finest Teak timber and we use a much thicker and chunky design than most, as we believe that this is what truly makes a bench last a lifetime. These are some of the nicest and finest pieces of craftsmanship you will see and are the Rolls Royce of benches. Absolutely magnificent and stunning in situ, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.


All of our Commemorative Seats are of the highest quality. Our premier teak memorial bench is our stunning Victoria Teak Garden Bench. Which features extremely chunky thick timber on all of its design. Traditional Scroll arms and a fantastic curved peaked backrest which make it absolutely perfect for placing a plaque right in the middle. This really is one of our finest benches and one of the most amazing benches you will find anywhere. It's an absolute triumph and a commemorative bench that we are absolutely proud to be able to provide for our fantastic customers. It's our flagship bench and we sell hundreds of these per year. The bench comes in a variety of sizes and which means its absolutely perfect for all of the family to sit on and remember a loved one.


We sell all of these gorgeous teak commemorative benches to the public and also commercially. These teak garden benches can be used almost anywhere and due to the fantastic solid construction are perfect for high traffic environments that you would expect to see in a commercial environment. We sell a lot of these fantastic benches to golf courses, churches, councils and many other business bodies all over the UK.

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