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There is no hiding from the fact that most customers in the market for new garden furniture are looking for value for money and hunting bargains. Really what people are looking for at the moment, especially at this moment in time is just choosing a cheap patio set that will last a long time but won't breka the bank! A cheap patio furniture set may fulfill a customer’s requirements in some respects, although there are many variables which must come into consideration when assessing cheap patio furniture.




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Here at Ottena we specialise in supplying quality garden furniture manufactured using teak, a tropical hardwood originating from south and south east Asia. Teak has a number of desirable qualities which a number of cheap patio furniture sets will not have. Teak is very hard wearing and includes natural oils aiding in weather protection so that the furniture will be particularly long lasting.

A number of cheap patio furniture sets are either manufactured using cheaper timber or other materials which are not as long lasting and will be prone to deteriorating after only a few years of use due to weather exposure. Whilst the price point of some cheap patio furniture could be appealing, there is usually a catch and typically the products will be lacking in quality and of an inferior material, hence the price of such cheap patio furniture.

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Whilst we would not necessarily consider a core focus of our business model to be retailing cheap patio furniture, we are conscious of price and consider that we offer fantastic value for money compared to a number of our market competitors. Teak is a high quality product and will last much longer compared to other cheap patio furniture sets. Teak is also a sign of quality, inferior timber garden furniture or cheap patio furniture manufactured using a fabric or similar may cost less but these cheap patio furniture sets will not last long at all.

Our high quality teak garden furniture looks absolutely fantastic, our customers agree. If you purchase a garden bench, table and chair set or garden chair with us then you will have a quality piece of luxury garden furniture which will last for years and years. Other ranges of cheap patio furniture may look nice when you place them in the garden for the first time, but leave it out in the garden for a few weeks and the lack of quality from your cheap patio furniture set will start to show.


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Our range of teak garden furniture includes 6 different styles of garden bench. Due to their quality, these benches are suitable for a number of commercial settings including parks, sports clubs and other public places. A piece of cheap patio furniture employed in such a setting will be at increased risk of abuse, damage and deterioration. Another reason to choose a quality piece of furniture from Ottena compared to low quality cheap patio furniture from other retailers.

Adirondack garden chairs are so popular at the moment and we are really proud to be supplying our customers with high quality teak Adirondack chairs. A number of cheap patio furniture retailers may also supply Adirondack chairs, usually being built using cheaper timber which will be shorter lived by comparison. Comfort is king, our Adirondack chairs are so comfortable and upgrading by adding a footstool or bespoke cushion adds further to the experience. We are confident that Adirondacks supplied by cheap patio furniture retailers will not rival ours in terms of comfort.

Each item from our range of teak garden furniture is lovingly handcrafted individually with fantastic attention to detail. Parts of the furniture are assembled using traditional mortice and tenon joints, secured in position by wooden dowels for a seamless and efficient assembly. Other pieces of cheap patio furniture may include poorly formed joints which reduce their visual appeal. The use of corroding parts is also typical of cheap patio furniture resulting in unsightly staining.

Whilst the initial price of cheap patio furniture is attractive, retailers often look to ‘top up’ the value of a customer’s purchase by high delivery charges. At Ottena we pride ourselves on a fast and free delivery service. We aim to have all of our orders dispatched within 24 hours and we work with a renowned National courier who operates a next day delivery service. Free and fast 48 hour delivery, something unlikely to be shared with cheap patio furniture retailers.

So be careful when shopping for cheap patio furniture, the price is usually a sign of quality. Be careful to investigate the nature of the materials used and any weakness that they are likely to have. Also, be careful not to get caught out by cheap patio furniture sellers demanding high delivery charges. Shop with Ottena and we will be sure to offer you fantastic value for money, high quality garden furniture, unrivalled delivery services and excellent customer service. You know what they say – buy cheap, buy twice - if you order cheap patio furniture then you may be disappointed.

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