Wooden Garden Parasols – Frequently Asked Questions

Our range of stunning wooden garden parasols are designed to give any outdoor area a small splash of colour and protection from the elements. Available in various sizes and colours, there is certainly a style and size to suit all requirements. Below we have a few of our frequently asked questions with regards to our garden parasols, we hope they will be helpful to you.


What wood is the parasol frame and pole manufactured from?

–       The wood used in our wooden outdoor parasols is poplar wood.


Do your garden umbrellas have a UV rating?

–       Our parasol fabric has a UV rating of 15.


Can I remove the fabric canopy if I need to clean it?

–       Quite simply, yes. The fabric canopy can easily be removed by unhooking it from the ends of each spoke of the wooden parasol and removing.


How do you raise and lower your wooden garden parasols?

–       Our outdoor umbrellas are raised and lowered on a corded pulley system. Once raised the canopy is held in place with a large brass pin that fits into the required hole in the parasol pole. Our smaller parasols have a single pulley the larger have a double pulley due to the added weight of the canopy and frame.


I want to use my parasol freestanding, not through a teak garden table, can I do this?

–       We would strongly recommend that you use your wooden parasol through a table top and with a suitable parasol base if the teak table will allow it to be placed underneath. If you do wish to use your parasol freestanding then a much heavier base must be used and also consider attaching the parasol to a supporting structure to give added protection. Never leave your parasol unattended and always lower when not in use or in windy conditions.


I would like a parasol that tilts?

–       Unfortunately all of our wooden garden parasols are a fixed design and do not have a tilt facility.


Are your parasols waterproof?

–       Probably the question we get asked the most! Our garden umbrellas are not waterproof but are manufactured from a showerproof material. They will protect from very fine rainfall but we would recommend the parasols are not used in heavy rain to avoid unnecessary damage. If you need any more help please take a look at our “Garden Parasols – Are they waterproof” blog on our website where we hope it will explain it in a little more depth.


What size is the parasol pole?

–       On our smaller range of parasols (1.8m square and 2m round) the pole is 38mm diameter. Our larger parasols (2.5m octagonal, 3.5m octagonal and 3m x 2m rectangular) the pole is 48mm diameter.