Why Teak is the Best Garden Furniture to Leave Outside

Teak Garden furniture is a huge investment. Perhaps the single most important factor that determines whether the furniture will stand the test of time or not is the material the furniture is made from. Although outdoor furniture can be made from a variety of materials, comfort, durability and natural look make it hard to beat natural wood. When using wood for exterior furniture, choosing a durable, weather-resistant wood is essential. Teak is one of such woods.


Teakwood has been highly valued globally for centuries. This timber, native to Southeast Asia, dates back to 7th Century Siam, now Thailand. This exquisite hardwood was used to create and decorate royal homes, church houses, as well as ships used for trading. A number of civilizations continued to use teakwood for shipbuilding during the Middle Ages, owing to its properties such as water resistance, toughness and unusual ability to keep metal from corroding when in touch with teak. These same properties are what make teakwood today the ideal option for outdoor constructions such as decks, patios, and gardens.


Here is what makes Teak the best garden furniture:


Teak is Weather Resistant:

Teak is probably the strongest and most durable hardwood. An exceptional quality of teak outdoor furniture is its ability to withstand all weather conditions. It does fine when exposed to weather settings such as rain and sun. This is mostly due to teak’s high natural oil content and the tight wood grain. It is one of the rare woods in the world which contain a natural oil which deters water, keeping it from damaging, cracking or becoming breakable. Outdoor furniture made from teak would be able to withstand the severe effects of hard rains, severe winter snow storms and broiling sun without its strength waning. It is because of this magnificent quality of the teak wood that the outdoor furniture found at a host of high-end ski resorts is made from teak.


Teak is Extremely Versatile:

The natural benefits of teak; toughness, longevity, warm color, resilience to termites or other harmful factors, make it an incredibly adaptable material. Being a reasonably easy-to-work wood, teak is extremely multipurpose. Tables, wooden chairs, storage facilities, bar stools and sun lounges can all be made from teak. Depending on the style of the furniture and the unique taste choices, it can also be left raw, decorated, or aged.





Teak is Invulnerable to Wood Eating Insects:

One thing you expect from any piece of outdoor furniture is its invulnerability to wood eating termites and rots. Teak not only stands the test of the weather but it also has a high resistance against decay, devastation caused by termites and damage due to acid. The weather protecting oils present in teak also act as repellents against wood eating insects such as rots and termites. The rich natural oils prevent unwelcome rots, termites and moisture from damaging the quality of the teak. You do not need to think about wood eating pests if you choose teak as the material of the furniture for your outdoor garden.


Teak Requires Little to No Maintenance:

The outdoor furniture made from teak hardly needs any maintenance even if it is left uncovered outdoors. Outdoor furniture made from teak wood requires no paint or polish. With the wood’s high oil content, teak left exposed to the weather would turn to a beautiful silver-greyish color over the course of time and would just need a general brush down and clean. Moreover, teak outdoor furniture can be brought back to its natural warm brown color with a light sand and a polish.


Teak is Naturally Beautiful:

Teak is a naturally beautiful wood with its tight, typically conventional, grain and varying textures. When it is freshly cut, the teak wood furniture has a warm brown color like that of honey. This warm or honey brown color tone of new teak allure many. Over the course of time, teak will age naturally into an elegant silver-grey tone. In case you do not want the original shade to fade, teak oil is all what you need in order to retain the original golden luster. Whether in its original golden brown or weathered silver-grey, the natural teak wood would add to the aesthetics of any outdoor space by complementing it with class and elegance.

Additionally, teak furniture never rusts. Other wood furniture would begin to rust and deteriorate when in contact with metal. Teak is one of the rare woods which does not. Since many pieces of outdoor furniture made from teak wood have metal fittings, this is another incredible quality of this outdoor furniture which would keep it looking good for years to come.


Teak is Long-Lasting:

Popularly known as the “King” of outdoor wood types, outdoor teak furniture will last for ages. Teak is a very solid outdoor furniture. There are century-old teak benches in some of the parks in Europe. This is an evidence to the durability of this wood. In case you purchase a piece of outdoor furniture which is made from teak, this might mean you would be able to give it to your grandkids one day!



When you purchase furniture made from teak for your outdoor garden space, you make a rational and economic choice in a number of ways. You purchase one of the world’s finest and most durable furniture. You can be assured that the furniture made from teak placed in your outdoor garden will last a very long time. It will not be affected by weather variations and pests. And the most important part: it will stay beautiful naturally, adding to the decoration of your outdoor garden.


This is probably all you want from your outdoor furniture, don’t you? Buy Teak wood furniture for your outdoor garden space and you will not regret your decision.