Most of us love spending time in the outdoors as it not only brings a host of health benefits but also allow us to enjoy all of our favored outdoor activities. Choosing the right furniture for our outdoor garden is important due to the fact that the right outdoor furniture attracts us to come over and over and truly appreciate the fresh air and nature around us.

When it comes to choosing the right furniture for the outdoor garden, the dilemma most people face is whether to go with a hardwood furniture like Teak or to buy a softwood furniture for their outdoor garden space.

You are also facing this dilemma, right? This is probably why you are reading this article. But you need not worry too much about this. Below you will find benefits of both Teak and Softwood garden furniture. Going through the benefits that both types of furniture provide will make your job of choosing the right furniture easier.  


Benefits of Teak Garden Furniture

Teak hardwood is a popular outdoor furniture option. This is not just due to the fact that how wonderful it is to have a set of outdoor furniture in your garden, but also because most people love the benefits that Teak hardwood furniture brings with it.

Teak has an Aesthetic Appeal:

When it is freshly cut, the teak wood furniture has a warm brown colour like that of honey. This warm or honey brown colour tone of new teak allure many. Over the course of time, teak will age naturally into an elegant silver-grey tone. Whether in its original golden brown or weathered silver-grey, the natural teak wood would add to the aesthetics of any outdoor space by complementing it with class and elegance. Our teak Adirondack chairs are a perfect example of how silvered teak can be absolutely classic and stunning.


Teak is Weather Resilient:

An exceptional quality of teak outdoor furniture is its ability to withstand all weather conditions. It does fine when exposed to weather settings such as rain and sun. It is one of the rare woods in the world which contain a natural oil which deters water, keeping it from damaging, cracking or becoming breakable. Outdoor furniture made from teak would be able to withstand the severe effects of hard rains, severe winter snow storms and broiling sun without its strength waning. It is because of this magnificent quality of the teak wood that the outdoor furniture found at a host of high-end ski resorts is made from teak.


Teak is Invulnerable to Wood Eating Pests:

One thing you expect from any piece of outdoor furniture is its invulnerability to wood eating termites and rots. Teak not only stands the test of the weather but it also has a high resistance against decay, devastation caused by termites and damage due to acid. The weather protecting oils present in teak also act as repellents against wood eating insects such as rots and termites. The rich natural oils prevent unwelcome rots, termites and moisture from damaging the quality of the teak. You do not need to think about wood eating pests if you choose teak as the material of the furniture for your outdoor garden.


Teak Requires Little to No Maintenance:

The outdoor furniture made from teak hardly needs any maintenance even if it is left uncovered outdoors. Outdoor furniture made from teakwood requires no paint or polish. With the wood’s high oil content, teak left exposed to the weather would turn to a beautiful silver-greyish color over the course of time and would just need a general brush down and clean. Moreover, teak outdoor furniture can be brought back to its natural warm brown color with a light sand and a polish.


Teak is Long-Lasting:

Popularly known as the “King” of outdoor wood types, outdoor teak furniture will last for ages. Teak is a very solid outdoor furniture. There are century-old teak benches in some of the parks in Europe. This is an evidence to the durability of this wood. In case you purchase a piece of outdoor furniture which is made from teak, this might mean you would be able to give it to your grandkids one day!



Benefits of Softwood Garden Furniture

Softwood is a versatile outdoor furniture option that offers a stunning, seamless finish. Softwood furniture is easy to work with and tends to be cheaper than the Teak. But, this by no means implies that furniture made from softwood is not a quality furniture. Softwood Garden furniture offers a host of benefits.


Softwood is Light Weight:

While furniture made from softwood is still moderately heavy, it is lighter than teak. The lighter weight is a benefit when it comes to moving furniture pieces. Rearranging your outdoor furniture is easier with the lower weight, so do consider softwood if you like to change up the look of your garden.


Softwood Furniture is Stiff:

Softwood is a very stiff wood. This stiffness makes it durable and strong when used in furniture. Although it is not quite as strong as teak, but it does still offer reasonable durability.


Softwood is Shock Resistant:

Softwood is resistant to shocks. This helps minimize the impact of damage in case the furniture falls or something similar happens.


Softwood is Resistant to Shrinking and Swelling:

Most furniture made from wood usually shrinks and swells due to differences in humidity and temperature. But softwood is resistant to swelling and shrinking. Due to this very reason furniture from softwood can retain the original shape for longer periods of time as compared to the teak counterpart.


Furniture made from Softwood Comes at a Very Reasonable Price:

The furniture made from softwood is often much cheaper than teak garden furniture. The fast growth of softwood is the main reason for this price difference. Softwood production take less care and have a shorter time to market. Because of this the furniture made from softwood is sold at a lower price. In case your primary concern is reasonable price, softwood furniture for your outdoor is a good option.

Now that you have gone through what benefits both types of furniture offer, it will be easier for you to decide which one you should pay for. Keep in mind that both Teak and Softwood outdoor furniture will require some maintenance in order to last for longer period of time.