Teak Patio Furniture Sets – Frequently Asked Questions

Our teak patio sets are a great addition to any outdoor area. Please see below some frequently asked questions which we hope will help with your teak garden furniture selection.


How will my patio set be delivered?


–       At Ottena we use two different couriers. Smaller teak patio sets will be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and sent via Fedex. Larger teak patio sets will be loaded onto a pallet and delivered via the pallet track network. For more information on our pallet delivery services, click here. Every teak patio table and chair set will be sent on a next day service.


Do I need to assemble my patio set?


–       All of our “folding” teak furniture will already be fully assembled and will just need to be unpacked and unfolded, then it is ready to be placed in your desired location. Any other items from our range of teak garden table and chair sets, for our example our Charlotte stacking chairs and teak pedestal tables, will require light assembly. Assembly is very straightforward using the wooden dowels and brass allen key bolts provided. Assembly instructions for the teak stacking chairs can be found on our website. If you have any queries about assembly please contact us at hello@ottena.co.uk before commencing assembly.


Should I oil my new teak garden furniture patio set?


–       This is entirely up to you. Teak is a fantastic product for outdoor furniture due to its high natural oil content. This gives it exceptional natural protection from the elements. If you wish to oil/seal your teak dining set, or retain its golden colour for longer, then please ensure you use a suitable teak care product and follow all of the manufacturer’s guidelines during application.


There seems to be white/green dust over my teak patio table and chair set, should I be concerned?


–       The simple answer to this is, no. You should not be concerned. Due to the slight moisture content in the teak you may see some small mould growth on the wood on unpacking. This is completely natural and can simply be wiped off either with a dry or slightly damp cloth. This will in no way affect the integrity or strength of the furniture. Due to the way the furniture is packaged, very occasionally due to lack of air movement within the packaging this “mould” can appear. For more information, please see our blog post on this subject here.


Can I keep my furniture outside all year?


–       Your teak patio furniture can be left outside all year round. As teak has a high natural oil content, this will help to protect it from the elements. If you are able to store your teak table and chair set when it is not in use through the winter months then this would be an advantage, but it is by no means essential.


I love my new teak patio set, but can I get cushions for the chairs?

–       Yes, of course you can! We have a range of cushions to suit all of our teak garden chairs. Our garden chair cushions are available in 3 different colours to suit all tastes. We have green, navy blue and cream. Simply add the required colour from the dropdown box on the patio set you are purchasing and we will do the rest!


I am looking to buy a new teak patio set but would like a different combination of table and chairs, is this possible?


–       We have an extensive range of teak patio sets available with many different chair and table combinations. However, if there is a particular table and chair combination that you would like then please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@ottena.co.uk with the details of what you would like and we will endeavour to meet your needs.


Can I add more chairs to my chosen patio set?


–       Again, yes you can! Simply go to our teak garden chair section and add the extra chairs you require to your basket.