Teak Grading Explained

What grade is your teak garden furniture? Are your teak table and chair sets grade A? What are the differences between grades A, B and C teak?

These are questions we get asked regularly with regards to the grades of teak used in the manufacture of your teak garden furniture. With all of our teak garden furniture the supply of the timber is closely monitored to ensure that the teak only comes from sustainable Javanese plantations in compliance with an SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Lrgalitas Kayu) process. The SVLK is a “Timber Legality Assurance System” that records the chain of custody in the supply and manufacturing of teak garden furniture. This ensures the legality and sustainability of the teak used.

How many grades of teak are there and what are the differences?

As you may know teak is graded into three categories A, B and C. The Javanese teak trees that our manufacturer use can take between 20-30 years to mature enough to be harvested for the manufacture of your teak garden furniture. To further ensure the sustainability of our products, the farmers harvesting the trees take part in replanting schemes.

With products manufactured from Grade A teak, only the brown and dark parts of the wood are used to manufacture the products, the ‘heartwood’. The rest of the wood goes to waste. See the image below for reference! This makes Grade A teak garden furniture much more expensive and also much less “eco-friendly” due to the amount of wastage from the teak trees.

What grade of teak does Ottena use?

At Ottena, our manufacturer uses a combination of all three grades of the teak to manufacture the components for your teak garden bench, teak Adirondack or teak garden table. Through this process, our items are made from an “Eco Teak Product” to ensure minimal wastage. The result is teak garden furniture which retains all of the natural hard wearing and weather resistant properties you expect of teak outdoor furniture, which is competitively priced and better for the environment than Grade A teak garden furniture.

To ensure almost no wastage, from the teak tree, our manufacturer will remove and retain the bark which is recycled by local people who manufacturer other handcrafted products.

All of our teak garden furniture products undergo a treatment process during manufacture. This ensures a uniform colour and finish. The outdoor teak furniture is dried naturally to ensure your teak park bench or teak folding table and chair set are beautifully finished and fully prepared to spend many a happy year taking pride of place in your garden.

Please take the time to shop our stunning range of teak garden furniture. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team at hello@ottena.co.uk.