A Guide to Teak Garden Furniture Care

Winter may seem like a strange time of year to think about your garden furniture, but this time of year may be the best. It is a great time to take advantage of the break and look toward teak garden furniture care. Teak garden furniture is an investment and one that should stand the test of time.

If you brought some new teak furniture for your patio or garden this year, it is important that you take the right steps to protect it throughout the harsher Winter months. There is a lot of confusion surrounding teak furniture. Which is best: teak oil or teak sealer? How to care for teak during winter? How to clean teak furniture?

Answering Your Teak Garden Furniture Questions

We have answered all of the common confusions around teak and answered them to help you!

First, it is important to understand what Teak is…

What is Teak?

Teak is a dense, hard tree found in tropical regions. It is so dense therefore it is not very uncommon for it to bend, warp or crack over time. The durability of the material makes it one of the more expensive woods to buy, due to the fact it lasts a lot longer and possesses some natural properties that other woods don’t have.

What is teak oil?

Teak oil is made from either linseed oil or tung oil with some varnish and thinners mixed together to create the end product. It is marketed as ‘teak oil’ because it is only supposed to be used on teak.

Teak oil does not help extend the lifetime of your furniture, but for a couple of weeks will give your teak garden furniture a lovely golden glow. Teak oil is more of a temporary fix and you will have to reapply every few months. This can be a high maintenance routine.

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What is teak Sealer?

As opposed to Teak Oil, Teak Sealer can be a more permanent protective solution. This gives a UV protection to teak wood furniture. It contains ingredients to prevent mildew growth so that your garden furniture won't change colour and turn grey.

Teak sealer only needs to be applied once a year, making it a good teak garden furniture care product to use for protection all year round.

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Cleaning Teak Furniture Before Sealing

Before sealing, it is imperative that you clean teak furniture to remove any residue. You can clean teak furniture using a brush and a mild soap. To get the best results always scrub with the grain. After cleaning teak furniture, always allow your furniture to dry thoroughly.

TIP: Don't use teak sealer on brand new teak furniture. Instead, let it weather for at least two weeks to settle.

Caring for Teak in the Winter

After your teak is nicely sealed and protected it is important to store it correctly for the Winter months. Due to the high moisture levels in Winter, it is best to bring the teak outdoor furniture indoors during the winter.

Folding garden chairs and folding garden tables are perfect to move around with ease during the seasonal changes throughout the year.

If it isn’t possible to bring your outdoor furniture inside, make sure that your furniture is under shelter to prevent any unnecessary deterioration and rotting. You will be able to tell if mildew is present because the wood will begin to turn black.

If you are worried about this, why not use furniture covers to keep your teak protected during the harsh Winter months? These can be a great investment and help you get the most of out your teak furniture set.

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