Teak Garden Tables – Frequently Asked Questions

Our extensive range of teak garden tables offers many different styles. From small teak coffee tables, folding teak tables through to our large teak pedestal tables, there is sure to be something to cater for all requirements.   


Will my teak garden table need to be assembled before use?


–       All of our teak folding tables will arrive fully assembled. These folding garden tables will simply need to be unpacked, unfolded and then placed in your desired outdoor location, they will be ready to use straight away. Our other teak garden tables, for example our garden coffee tables and teak pedestal tables, will require some light assembly. All of our pedestal and fixed teak tables will need the legs attaching to the teak table top. This is very simple and is done with the provided brass allen key bolts or wooden dowels.    


There are small white numbered/lettered labels on my new garden table, what are these for?


–       Our range of teak coffee tables, fixed teak garden tables and teak pedestal tables will require some light assembly. On these teak garden tables you will find small numbered/lettered labels stuck to the position below the teak table tops where each leg or part will fit. You will then find corresponding labels on the relevant leg to guide you in fitting the correct leg/part into the correct position. Due to the handmade nature of our teak garden furniture, please do not try to fit parts into the incorrect position. Each joint will be different so forcing the wrong leg into the wrong joint may cause unwanted damage to your teak patio table.


Can I leave my teak garden table out all year round?


–       The simple answer to this is yes! Teak has a naturally high oil content which makes it a fantastic material to make garden tables. The natural qualities of teak gives it fantastic natural protection all year round and will help your teak outdoor table to have a long life. If you are able to store your teak garden furniture through the winter months then this will be an advantage, but it is by no means essential.


Is there any maintenance I need to do to my teak garden table?


–       Your folding teak table, teak pedestal table or teak coffee table will have some brass allen key fittings. From time to time we recommend that these are checked to make sure they are secure and keeping your teak patio table firmly in place. All you will need is a 4mm or 5mm allen key. It is important to ensure that these fixings are secure and not allowing any joint or fitting to move as loose fittings could potentially cause damage to your teak garden table.