Our fantastic Teak Adirondacks are now back in stock!!!

We have got some extremely exciting news for you all which we are extremely happy to announce! Probably one of our most asked questions at the moment, but after being out of stock for approximately 10 weeks are fantastic soild teak adirondack chairs are finally due back in this week!!!

With the Adirondack being one of our most popular items of teak garden furniture it has been a long wait to eventually have them back on offer to our amazing customers. 


Manufactured to our high standards from long lasting, eco-friendly soild teak our Adirondack chairs are the perfect addition to any outdoor area whether it be your back garden or patio or even a domestic setting such as a pub or hotel. Offering he height of relaxation and comfort, you will be sure to spend many a sunny evening (and yes I said sunny!!) sitting relaxing with a drink chatting with friends and family and forgetting about the trials and tribulations of daily life.


teak adirondack chairs

Being probably our most popular item of teak garden furniture we have ensured we have ordered plenty of stock so that we can supply all of our amazing customers with a chair that will not only be comfortable but will look simply stunning placed in your chosen outdoor area. As can be seen from the photo below from one of our customers, our Adirondack chairs look simply amazing in any outdoor setting to be able to soak up that sunshine (although at present there isn't much of it around)  and chill out with a glass of something nice with friends or family.

We have an extensive range of different combinations available again in our Adirondack range from just a single chair, a loveseat set or even our family sets that come with coffee table and cushions to make those lazy days even more enjoyable. Please remember if there is a combination of Adirondack chairs that you cannot see then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at hello@ottena.co.uk and we will be sure to do everything we can to help you.


As I sit here writing this it is still raining!! You can always guarantee that as soon as the schools break for the summer holidays the sun seems to go on its own summer vacation!!! But we at Ottena are confident that with the return of our stunning Adirondack chairs the summer sun will once again start to shine on us all because we all need a bit of sunshine and warmth in our lives. I know I have probably jinxed the rest of the summer now but let's all think positive and take a look at our range of Adirondacks ready for those sunny days to come!! 



So do not hesitate, as always we have an extremely limited run of these Teak Adirondack Chairs, so get your order in now before they sell out again!