Ottena – Instructional Assembly Videos

At Ottena we offer an extensive range of both fixed and folding solid teak furniture to suit all tastes and requirements. All of the teak folding furniture that we offer will arrive with our customers fully assembled. Your new folding chairs or teak folding table will just need unpacking and placing in that lovely sunny corner of your garden ready to be enjoyed.


Our range of fixed teak furniture, such as our teak garden benches, teak Adirondack chairs and teak pedestal tables will require some light assembly. The parts of your new teak patio furniture will slot together, guided by code white labels on each part so you can be sure you know which piece goes where, then fixed together using the wooden dowels that are provided in the packaging with each item.


If you do not want to think about assembly, then we do offer an assembly service on our solid teak garden benches. Our experienced team will carefully assemble your new teak park bench, then we will deliver it fully assembled. You will receive your teak bench ready to go, so all you will need to do is place it in your garden. 


For those of you who wish to assemble your newly purchased teak furniture, we have produced some instructional videos to help with the assembly of our range of teak garden furniture.

Located in the menu at the bottom of our website you will find a category named “Garden Furniture Assembly Guide”. This part of our website contains a link to written assembly instructions for our solid teak garden benches, teak Adirondacks and stacking teak chairs. In addition to this, you will also find three helpful videos. These are intended to guide you through the assembly process and hopefully give you some tips and advice when it comes to assembling your newly acquired teak garden furniture.


Worthy of an Oscars nomination, our warehouse manager Duncan has been channelling his inner acting skills to help you with any issues you may have when it comes to building your teak garden furniture. 


In the first video he explains about how to assemble your newly acquired teak garden bench. Duncan explains how to  follow the small white labels that are attached to our teak furniture to help you assemble the correct pieces in the correct order. Teak bench assembly is made easier by building your bench in the upright position. In the second video, Duncan then goes on to explain about the wooden dowels provided with our teak furniture, advising the reasons why they are made longer than necessary. As our teak furniture is handmade and finished, there are always going to be small differences in the depth and size of each joint, so making the dowels a universal length ensures that each dowel will go into each individual joint to hold it firmly and securely in place for many years to come. Duncan also explains about how to knock the dowels in safely and securely to ensure each dowel is fitted in the appropriate way. If the dowel remains outside of the bench frame, any excess can be sanded or trimmed off. 

You will note that we have not produced a video for our Charlotte stacking teak chairs and our fixed teak arm chairs. These are assembled with the same dowels and in the same way as our teak outdoor benches, so hopefully these videos will give you the help you need when it comes to assembling our teak benches and fixed teak arm chairs.

In the third video, which is a little longer, Duncan offers advice on how to assemble our solid teak Adirondack chairs. Our teak Adirondacks are probably our bestselling product, and it is not difficult to see why. Consisting of four separate parts and assembled with the provided allen key bolts, these Adirondacks chairs will give hours of comfort in your garden once assembled. Duncan leads you through the full assembly process, ensuring your Adirondack assembly goes as smoothly as possible.


Assembling our products is not difficult, all we ask is that you take care in doing so and spend a few minutes ensuring that you assemble them in the correct manner. Hopefully these videos will help. But please remember if you are unsure or have any questions regarding assembly, please stop and send us an email using We are only too happy to answer your queries.


And one final note, if you wish to nominate Duncan for an Oscar for his leading role in these videos, please send all nominations to us here at Ottena!