How to Choose the Best Memorial Bench

Commemorating your kith and kin who have passed away via a memorial is a strong sentiment. Maybe your near and dear one had a favorite place to sit, like a public park. Leaving a public marker or monument, like a memorial bench, is a way to share the legacy of that near and dear one with generations to come.

As the name indicates, a memorial seat or memorial bench is a piece of furniture that is used to commemorate a person who has died. Memorial benches are one of the most common ways to honor and remember a loved one who is no more in this mortal world. Memorial benches can be placed anywhere. They are large enough to be noted by anyone walking past these memorial benches.

The memorial benches are, most often, placed in public places like gardens. Nonetheless, a number of people use memorial benches in their homes in the yards or gardens also so as to remember their dearest ones who are no longer with them. With the aim of getting the best memorial seat for you to memorialize your deceased special ones, you certainly are required to make slight efforts.

Here is our simple and thorough guide that includes some of the best tips in order to help you to get the excellent memorial bench.


Take the Location (where the Memorial Bench is to be placed) into Consideration

Location is the most significant consideration when choosing the memorial bench. Will the memorial bench be exposed more to the sun or will it be under the shades for the most part of the day? Is the weather of the place where you will place the memorial bench clear, dry or does it rain frequently there? Taking location and its weather into consideration will help you in choosing right material for the memorial bench.


Choose the Material the Memorial Bench is made from According to the Location

Apart from considering the location, it is equally important to consider the material the memorial bench is made from. The choice of material matters because certain memorial bench material may not be suitable for the location where the bench will be placed. Each material has benefits and drawbacks which make it perfect for some locations and not for others.

Wood memorial bench is a popular choice, with longevity and natural look being its key advantages. It does not get too warm on summer days, as it doesn't absorb heat, hence this type of memorial bench is comfortable. But, it requires regular maintenance. To defend against the cold and poor weather, coat it with oil or stain annually. You can also go with weather-resistant woods like cedar, teak memorial benches and redwood that require less maintenance.

Metal memorial bench is also a great choice. This kind of memorial bench is solid and elegant but is going to rust out because the material is not weatherproof. If you are looking to buy memorial bench made from metal, you ought to make sure that you regularly provide the proper maintenance.

Memorial bench made from Gauge steel is one of the most popular choices for a host of buyers because of the fact that it is durable and it comes in a range of colors. In addition to this, the memorial bench made from gauge steel has the potential to better bear up the sun and heavy shower, so one can expect this type of memorial bench to last for a very long time.

Concrete memorial bench is also a great way to honor the memory of a loved one. Concrete memorial bench is a typical and strong item that would certainly attract the eye of visitors. Such strong, theft-proof concrete bench appear fantastic and last indefinitely in parks, domestic gardens and several other public places. Choose from a range of attractive finishes that fit in with every landscape.


Choose an Appropriate Size in line with the Available Space

Undeniably, the available space everyone has for the memorial bench is varies. The selection of a right memorial bench thus depends upon the availability of the space in the garden of the home owner or the public place where the memorial bench is to be placed. Subject to the space available in your domestic garden or the public place you have chosen, you may choose an appropriate and ideal size of the memorial bench.


Go for the Classy and Impressive Design

Your loved one who passed away was a special soul and you definitely want people to sit on the bench and develop an interest in the departed soul. In order to attract more people to the memorial bench, look for distinct, classy and impressive design. The design must clearly reflect that the memorial bench is being used to commemorate a really special person. So, when you buy the memorial bench, wisely select one that you think will appeal to the most of the people passing by the bench.


Select the Memorial Bench Which Clearly Shows the Message Engraved

The main purpose of the memorial bench is that there is a message inscribed on it to honor the departed special one. The message can be the name of the departed soul, his / her favorite quote, something interesting said by the deceased one, or anything else. Choose the color and design of the memorial bench that makes it easier for people passing by to read the message inscribed on the bench.


Do not Compromise on Quality

While it can be appealing, do not go for the lowest deal you can find for the memorial bench. The very inexpensive memorial bench will probably be made from material that would be lightweight and hence fragile. As time will go by, the low quality bench will lose the appeal and will demand regular maintenance. On the contrary, memorial bench made from good quality material will last long and will need less maintenance.      


The memorial bench provides not only a symbolic commemoration of a loved one missing but also a tangible place to relax, breathe and think. What is most important is that the memorial bench creates an interest in the lost soul.  Just by reading the engraved message, one may wonder that what the person was like and what kind of life they lived, even if one did not know the lost person at all. So it is vital that you buy the best bench.


Keep the aforementioned tips in mind while purchasing and you surely will buy one of the best memorial benches.