Covering Garden Furniture Over Winter

Do I Need to Cover My Garden Furniture Over The Winter?

There is nothing soothing like sitting outdoors and enjoying an evening in spring, summer and even in the fall.  During these warmer months, your outdoor furniture set is probably used frequently. When you spend time regularly in your outdoor spaces in spring and summer months, it is not essential to cover the furniture. During these seasons of daily use, it is normal and appropriate to do a simple spot cleaning when needed.

However, if you live in an area that gets cold temperatures during the winter, you are less likely to spend time outdoors in these colder months. As your outdoor furniture will be in no use during the winter, it is always best to cover it or store it inside during the winter. Even the furniture that is weather-resistant or treated must be properly cared for and maintained.

A quality cover is a quick and simple way to protect your outdoor furniture from extreme cold temperatures. A proper covering will keep moisture and debris off both the cushions and hard surfaces of your outdoor furniture. This simple protective covering can add years of life to your investment, and it will keep your furniture look new and fresh.

Here is why covering the outdoor furniture set over the winter is important.


Covering the Outdoor Furniture over the Winter Reduces Damage

Outdoor furniture can be made of a number of different materials, but most of these materials can be damaged when they are exposed to lower temperatures, snow, and ice. Despite the fact that some materials are considered weather-resistant, the winter element eventually gets better of them.  Any moistness that makes its way into a permeable surface such as stone or marble can cause the furniture to crack.  Furniture made from wicker expands and contracts as a result of extremely lower temperatures. Outdoor furniture made from steel and wrought-iron is prone to rust and can be damaged from ice and snow.  Even the plastic outdoor furniture can become fragile when it is left out in colder temperatures.  Therefore, it is always beneficial to cover your outdoor furniture during the months of winter in order to minimize damage to your furniture. 


Covering the Outdoor Furniture during the Winter Extends the Life Span of the Furniture

The outdoor furniture should be properly covered in case you want it to extend for a long time.  The lower temperature certainly take their toll on your outdoor furniture making it vulnerable to damage, corrosion, and fading.  Get the most out of your outdoor furniture and enjoy it for years to come by covering it properly during the winter months.



Rust and Oxidation is Prevented by Covering the Outdoor Furniture over the Winter

Outdoor furniture made from aluminum, metal, and wrought iron can be damaged if exposed to snow and ice.  The constant exposure to moisture makes the outdoor furniture prone to the rust. But, if you cover your outdoor furniture during winter, not only it will keep your furniture from rusting but it also will save you an incredible amount of cleaning time come the next spring.


Covering the Outdoor Furniture over the Winter Protects Your Investment

Outdoor furniture is a significant investment and it is not the one you are willing to make year after year. Properly covering your outdoor furniture during winter will protect your furniture and also your investment.


The Outdoor Furniture Will Be Ready to Go Come Spring If Covered over the Winter 

You will be excited to once again enjoy the weather outside come the spring. Definitely you would not want to yourself to be spending hours and hours cleaning, staining, and repairing your outdoor furniture for the use again. If you cover your outdoor furniture over the winter, you will be able to enjoy it right away as soon as the spring comes!


Wondering What Features the Furniture Covers Must Have?

Now that you have realized the importance of covering the garden furniture during winter, you might be wondering what features a cover must have for it to be considered a proper cover for your furniture. Look for these features in the cover:



The Cover Must be Made from a Water Resistant Fabric

It is must that the outdoor furniture cover you buy be made from water resistant or waterproof fabric. If the furniture under covers stays wet for a longer period of time, soon rust and wood rot will damage the furniture pieces. Outdoor furniture covers must be water resistant and able to endure the impacts of rain and. Vinyl, polyester, and canvas are the popular cover fabrics because they all provide protection from water and UV rays.


Ventilation is a Must-Have

The cover for your outdoor furniture should also allow for ventilation. If the fabric used to make the cover is waterproof, it also will not let air inside. This will trap condensation and increase humidity levels under the cover, which might lead to mould growth and water damage if the furniture stays under the cover too long. Therefore, look for a cover with built-in vents that have just enough space to let in air while keeping out the rain or snow.


Cover your outdoor furniture over the winter and you will be able to enjoy your outdoor garden space when spring comes back — and your garden furniture will be in top shape too.