Covered Outdoor Living Spaces to enjoy all year round

Summer is one of the best times of the year because when the weather is good (It actually does happen sometimes in the UK!) then we get to spend all our time outside. Be it entertaining and dining outside, or just enjoying everything that nature has to offer. One way to extend this period of usable outdoor time is by designing a covered outdoor living space within your garden so that we can enjoy the space outdoors all year long.

Everything you need to know about a covered outdoor living space

Designing a covered area need not be as complicated as it seems, choosing the right garden design to fit the space that you have and the needs for your family should be at the forefront of your plan.

Planning your covered outdoor living space

To start planning your covered living space, first decide what garden space you have to work with. If you have a large garden, then simply choosing the best area that perhaps already has some area of sheltered space to it may be the best idea, so as to help speed up the whole design process.

If you have a smaller garden or a courtyard area only to work with, then your options become more limited in terms of your design process, but this doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your plans at all.

Benefits of a covered outdoor space

Pinpointing the reason of why you need your covered outdoor living space is going to be central to your planning stages. If you choose to have an area for outdoor dining, then perhaps you can look to creating a structure to cover the area to extend the time that you can spend outdoors each year. 

Or if you live on a hill or a particularly coastal area, then you could look to create an enclosed covered area to avoid the wind to make the space more enjoyable year round.

Combinations of both options may actually be best in some circumstances, but choosing the best of both needs to be a considering factor so that you can still make the best of the space and enjoy any views associated with your property and garden.

Filling your garden space

To really make the most of your covered outdoor living space you should be looking into choosing seating and garden furniture that will fill the area and make the space as usable as possible. Choosing the right materials for the sheltered area will allow you to use the area as an extension of your garden. Choosing a structure that allows for light to pass through will allow you to utilise the area for planting and really create an area that is more enjoyable for all.

Choosing the right garden furniture for your outdoor space

Filling your covered garden area with a Teak Table and Chair set may be a perfect way to fully enjoy the garden space in which you are creating. Having a covered and sheltered roof will allow you to entertain in your garden for a much longer period throughout the year.

Choosing the furniture for your covered outdoor living space should be the first port of call for the design of the area. You can use a piece of furniture as the whole focus point to your garden and in turn choose the planting to fit in around your choice of entertaining space. This can transform the area and help you put your touch of personality of the project!

If the covered space you are creating within your garden doesn’t allow for anything as big as a patio table and chair set, then you could look to focus the area around a teak garden bench perhaps, or a memorial bench to commemorate a loved one and design the area as a dedicated tribute.

Choosing the right style of Garden Furniture for your Covered Outdoor Living Space

To truly design the most unique and best-sheltered garden area, it may be prudent to choose a supplier for your garden furniture, the focal point of your sheltered area, first.

For instance, you could create a small structure to allow for your family to sit and admire the views, no matter what the weather. Choosing a Teak Lutyens bench in a traditional style, may define the style of your area and allow you to build a structure to suit the style. Following on from this, including cottage garden perennials would certainly compliment the choice or a Lutyens bench and allow you to fully style your outdoor sheltered garden area all year round.

The Final Touches…

Once all of the hard bits are completed in our outdoor living space – you have the easy bit! All you have to do is invite your closest family and friends round and enjoy your newest creation with them. The best bit about this is with a covered outdoor living space you can enjoy this all year round, whatever the weather!

Design your Covered Outdoor Living Space with Garden Furniture Land

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