Cleaning Your Teak Garden Furniture

As the unpredictable British weather starts to improve it's about that time that you decide to dust off the teak patio furniture, removing it from its winter hibernating spot and set it back up in your garden or patio. As we all know your outdoor teak garden furniture can be prone to either getting dirty, developing lichen or generally looking a bit worn. Hopefully this guide will give you a few pointers as to how you could spend a bit of time and effort (and some elbow grease!) in cleaning and treating your teak garden furniture to give it that well deserved refresh.


We will be the first to admit that our own personal teak garden furniture tends to go very much unloved, which we know is not a very good example to set, but we are hopeful that this guide will show you that with a little wash and scrub, your teak garden furniture can be transformed and look as good as new again.


To help with this guide we have used one of our own square teak coffee tables, which is approximately 4-5 years old, to show what results you can achieve. This piece of teak patio furniture has never been cleaned before and as you can see, it has naturally weathered into the silvery/grey finish that some customers prefer. As you will see, you can get that golden finish back again if so desired. We have put a piece of tape down the middle of the garden coffee table so that you can see the progress being made compared to the original condition.


Firstly, we took a bucket of warm water and washing up liquid and using a scrubbing brush we have firstly cleaned the teak table top to remove any built up dirt, grease or mould. We have then rinsed this with clean water and allowed the teak table to dry naturally. As you can see, there is already a considerable difference just from a simple clean. At this point you have a couple of options. Once the teak garden furniture is clean and fully dry, you could take your chosen teak care product and apply it accordingly to help protect your teak garden furniture. 




Alternatively to achieve a better finish again, you could sand the teak back gently. We have used a small hand held mouse sander with a light grit paper and just sanded the surface of the teak table top to help achieve that more golden patina. As can be seen even after only a couple of minutes of sanding, the difference is very noticeable. Personally we do like the nice golden colour that new teak garden furniture has but we appreciate this is not to everyone’s taste and the silvery/grey patina is something people sometimes prefer. If so, simply cleaning with warm soapy water as per step one is our advice. 



In the final two pictures you will see that we have applied our teak oil to the cleaned and sanded surface. The teak garden furniture must be clean and dry before applying teak oil. Using a clean microfibre cloth in a well ventilated area we have simply applied a light coat, following the grain of the wood, to achieve a beautiful golden finish (although we will have to do the other half now!). The results compared to the original teak coffee table are fantastic. Please do not apply too much, as this could result in an unattractive dark and patchy finish. Please ensure that you follow the manufacturers recommendations with regards to storing the teak oil once this process is completed. 



As can be seen it is fairly straightforward to achieve some great results when giving your teak patio furniture some well deserved TLC. This process will not only enhance the appearance of your teak garden furniture, but also help to extend its life. Whichever route you decide to take then please ensure that you use the correct products for your furniture and you follow all manufacturer guidelines. For any further advice on the maintenance or cleaning or your teak garden furniture then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Happy cleaning!