Introducing the Adirondack Garden Chair

Probably the most well known style of teak garden chair there is, the Adirondack is a simply stunning and beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Oozing quality and class, Adirondack chairs are a cut above the rest when it comes to creating a cosy area to sit and relax with friends or family and enjoy a moment of peace and comfort after a hectic day. Here at Ottena, our teak Adirondack chairs are one of our most popular items of teak garden furniture combining both style and the utmost comfort, so please take a moment to read all about the fantastic Adirondack chair.


The Adirondack chairs get there name from the Adirondack Mountains in the state of New York and was created by Thomas Lee back in 1903. He wanted to design a chair to be the “perfect outdoor chair” and so the Adirondack was born. The sloping design of the seat was to ensure that even on rough or uneven terrain the chair would still be able to accommodate this. Today, the Adirondack chair is best known for its slanted design which is all about comfort, allowing you to recline back and let the stresses of the day just disappear.


Our teak Adirondack chairs are all handcrafted from solid, long lasting, eco-friendly teak. They require some light assembly once they arrive with you (more of this later) and come with a fine sanded finish. The Adirondack chair is an ever popular choice for multiple reasons, combining strength and rigidity but still maintaining very high levels of style and comfort.


Like some of our beautiful teak garden furniture, our teak Adirondack chairs will require some light assembly once they arrive with you. You will find a link to the assembly instructions here. Our Adirondack chairs will arrive with you in 4 sections: base, backrest and two arm sections, together with a small packet of 10 brass allen key bolts and an allen key. You will see that each part will have small number/letter coded labels attached. These are used to match up the correct fitting for each individual piece to ensure each piece fits where it needs to be. As our teak Adirondack chairs are hand made, each joint is likely to be different so it is important that you match the codes. A word of advice, when assembling your chairs it is always best to leave all bolts slightly loose as this will give you some slack whilst assembling. Once together, all bolts can be tightened (but please do not overtighten them!).


If you have ordered more than one Adirondack chair please do not interchange parts from one chair to another, the chairs are handcrafted and only the correct numbered or labelled parts will fit together. This means that a backrest from a different seat will not fit into a different base. If you have any questions before assembly then please do not hesitate to contact us at


Our Adirondack chairs provide the height of comfort and over the years we have asked our manufacturer to adjust the design slightly to improve on this comfort. One such change was to manufacture the armrests to be wider, so not only improving rigidity but making them wider will add to the comfort of your Adirondack chair. Another advantage is with a wider arm it gives you a great little resting place for that cheeky glass of something nice or even a tasty treat!


Within our range of Adirondack chairs, please don't forget to take a look at some other great options like our Adirondack with footstool. If the Adirondack chair wasn't comfortable enough, this takes it to another level! We also have a range of love seat sets that come with different size coffee tables and even family sets so the whole family can sit, chat and relax after a hard day. And if all this comfort talk wasn't enough then please do not forget to look at the cushion options we have for our Adirondack chairs. We have a short or full length cushion available in either green, cream or navy that should be given some serious consideration.


We hope that you will love your teak Adirondack chairs as much as we do. They are quite simply a must for your outdoor space, so what are you waiting for, shop our Adirondack chair range now. If you have any other questions then please contact us at