Teak Steamer Chairs, Comfort With a Timeless Design

When looking for the perfect companion to your outdoor space, whether it be that sunny spot in your back garden, patio or balcony, choosing the correct seat or more especially the most comfortable, the solid teak steamer chair is a fantastic choice for winding down after a hard day with a nice glass of something special.


The teak steamer chair is a fantastic choice for those people who don't want to have large sun loungers, but still want a comfortable reclining teak chair to enjoy those lazy summer evenings. Our garden steamer chair has the benefit of being able to fold, so requiring much less room when not needed, making the teak steamer a must have choice for not only areas with restricted space and storage, but for any outdoor space.


Like all of our teak garden furniture here at Ottena, it is all manufactured with solid, long lasting, eco-friendly teak. Our manufacturer uses sustainably sourced teak to manufacturer all of our fabulous teak garden furniture products to meet our high and exacting standards. They use traditional joinery methods with the furniture being assembled with either mortice and tenon joints that are held secure with wooden dowels, or like our teak steamer chairs, they use brass allen key bolts and brass hinge fittings to build stunning items of teak outdoor furniture. We may be a little biased but take a look at our fantastic range of teak steamer chairs and the rest of our teak garden furniture, you will not be disappointed!


Our teak steamer chairs feature a 5 position reclining function that is operated from the relaxing arm rests. Simply sit in the seat, gently lift both arms together and simply lean either forward or back to gain your desired angle of relaxation, it’s as easy as that! A great addition to these teak steamer chairs is one of our solid teak coffee tables. They are the perfect height to accompany these steamer chairs and will give easy access to your chosen beverage, whether it be a nice cup of tea or maybe something stronger after a hard day at the office.


Within our range of garden steamer chairs we have a number of couples sets which are sure to be a great addition to any outdoor space. These come in either a square or rectangular option. There is also the addition of our steamer chair cushions. The outdoor steam chair cushions are available in a choice of 3 different colours, green, cream and navy. They make an already stunning teak steamer seat into a next level item of comfort and relaxation for your garden or patio.


Our garden teak steamer chairs are without doubt the perfect companion to any outdoor space giving many years of unrivalled comfort. The adjustable backrest and slatted design gives fantastic ergonomic support and will have you relaxing and forgetting about the stresses of the day in no time at all. 


So what are you waiting for, take a look at our range of teak steamer chairs. Whether it be just a chair for yourself or one of our couples sets, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed in your choice. With fast delivery and the added benefit of the steamer chairs being pre-assembled by our manufacturer, all you will need to do is unpack your new  teak garden chair, unfold and find that sunny spot within your chosen outdoor area, and then sit back and relax!


So please take a look at our teak steamer chair range here and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@ottena.co.uk or via our live chat function or call us on 020 3322 9194.