Teak Garden Benches – Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with your choice of one of our stunning teak garden benches, please see below some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive. Hopefully this guide will help you but if you have any other questions then please contact us using hello@ottena.co.uk where one of our friendly team will be eager to assist you.


What wood are your garden benches manufactured from?


–        Our garden benches are manufactured from solid, long lasting teak.


Is the teak that you use sustainable?


–        Yes, our teak is sourced from sustainable Javenese plantations. The teak used in the manufacture of our teak garden benches is Indonesian Legal Wood accredited and has been  subject to a timber legality process (SVLK). Our suppliers issue FLEGT certificates with every order we make. These supply chain measures ensure the legality and sustainability of our teak garden furniture. For more information on sustainability, click here.


How many seats do your benches have?


–        Our range of teak garden benches comes in three different sizes. Our full range of teak benches comes available as a 2 seater outdoor bench (120cm), 3 seater garden bench (150cm) and 4 seater park bench (180cm).


Are the benches assembled?


–        All of our teak benches come flat packed as standard. They will be delivered in 5 pieces and will require light assembly before use. Assembly instructions and a couple of helpful videos can be found under our Garden Furniture Assembly Guide. We also offer a garden bench assembly service, which can be selected when placing your order. Our experienced warehouse team will assemble your teak bench and send it to you on a pallet, so it is ready for immediate use as soon as it arrives with you. Simply select this option when ordering your teak garden bench (please note assembled benches will take slightly longer to arrive to you to allow some time for assembly).


Do I need to oil my teak garden bench?


–        This is entirely up to you. Teak is a fantastic product for outdoor furniture and will last for many years even untreated. A good quality teak oil or sealer will help to prolong this and also maintain the golden colour of teak, if desired.  Some of our customers prefer the natural silvery grey tones of teak (referred to as patina) which develops naturally after your teak outdoor bench has been exposed to the elements after a period of time. If you do choose to treat your teak bench, please ensure you follow any instructions provided by the manufacturer of the oil/sealer you use to avoid any damage to your teak garden bench.


My bench has two triangular blocks of wood in with the fittings, what are these for?


–        The two small triangular blocks you will find with some of our teak patio benches are a decorative addition to your garden bench. They can be fitted, or not fitted, depending on your individual taste. They are in no way a structural part of the bench. If you decide to fit them, they are designed to fit against the inside face of the leg under the front support beam of the seat. They are secured to your outdoor teak bench using the screws provided.


What are there small numbered/lettered labels on my garden bench?


–        If you are assembling your teak bench yourself then these small labels are intended to assist you. You will find the parts will have corresponding coded labels to show you which parts fit together. As all our teak outside benches are handmade, every joint is different. These labels will help make sure that you assemble your bench correctly.


The wooden dowels provided are too long for the holes, why is that?


–        If you are building your own teak bench you will find that the wooden dowels provided will be slightly longer than the holes where they fit. The joints are all hand drilled and can vary in depth. The dowels are a universal length and purposefully made long to make sure that they completely secure the joint to hold it tight, rather than risk being loose. Any excess can be trimmed or sanded off once assembly of your teak garden bench is completed. Please do not try to hammer these dowels in all the way in as you may push it through the other side and risk causing damage to the joint. We have a comprehensive set of assembly instructions and cannot take responsibility for any damage caused during the assembly of your teak garden bench. If you are unsure on anything with regards to assembly then please email us at hello@ottena.co.uk before proceeding, or why not allow us to assemble your new teak bench for you!