Parasol Size and Colour - Which one do I choose?

We all know at times the very inclement British weather can be somewhat unpredictable. But as the seasons change, the days become longer and the sun starts to show its face from time to time, what better way to enjoy the warmer weather than  by getting out into your garden for a relaxing sit down after a hard day.


As nice as it is to see the sun, sometimes we just want a little shade and protection from its rays, so why not consider one of our wooden garden parasols to give that little bit of well needed shade and protection from the elements?


Here at Ottena we offer an extensive range of garden parasols in various colours, shapes and sizes, so hopefully this quick little look into our range of outdoor umbrellas will give you all the ideas you need to choose that wooden garden parasol to suit your needs.


Our garden parasols are manufactured using a hardwood pole and frame. They are covered in a 180g showerproof material and have a corded pulley opening and closing system that makes them extremely easy to use for anyone. The hardwood pole has a brass collar about halfway up which allows you to unscrew the lower section of the pole so that storage becomes much easier. The hardwood pole on our outdoor parasols comes in two different sizes of either 38mm or 48mm (depending on size of parasol) so please ensure any parasol bases or table tops you may already have are able to take either of these two measurements.


When it comes to choosing the size and shape of the garden umbrella, first you need to consider is the area in which it is going to be situated. Checking for any restrictions or overhanging trees will ensure you get the best choice for your chosen area. Our garden table parasols come in 4 different shapes, square, round, octagonal and rectangular. Once you have checked for any overhanging obstructions, such as trees, then the next thing to consider is the shape and size of your patio set that you wish to use it with. Listed below are the different shapes and sizes that we have available.:


·       1.8m Square

·       2m Round

·       2.5m Octagonal

·       3.5m Octagonal

·       3m x 2m Rectangular


When choosing your garden parasol size, just bear in mind how much coverage you will need over your table top. For example, if you have a 1m table and choose a 1.8m parasol then you will only have a very small amount of overhang around your table, which will not give enough shade or shower protection for those seated at the table. It may sound obvious but it is an easy mistake, so you must make sure you choose a big enough garden parasol to give you sufficient coverage as required.


Some of our garden parasol recommendations would be:


·       For a 60cm - 80cm table, we would recommend either our 1.8m or 2m garden parasol, depending on the shape of the table

·       For a 1m – 1.2m table we would recommend our 2.5m outdoor parasols, or you could choose a 3.5m garden umbrella if you have space

·       For a table top larger than 1.2m we would recommend our 3.5m or 3m x 2m garden parasols, again depending on the shape of your teak patio set


These would only be recommendations and we would ask our customers to take all factors into consideration before making your outdoor parasol choices.


Hopefully now you will have an idea as to the size you require, but what colour do should you go for? We have a range of different colours which include cream garden parasols, green outdoor umbrellas, navy blue outdoor parasols and red garden umbrellas. In our opinion (but we are very biased) all of our colours will look absolutely stunning in any location. 


Probably our most popular colour is the cream garden umbrella. It gives a very upmarket look to your dining set and garden but naturally being a very light fabric, it can be a little more prone to showing the dirt and of course the very unwanted deposits from our wildlife friends in the garden! But fear not, all of our garden parasol canopies will easily remove from the wooden frame so they can be washed in a mild soap and water solution. 


Next up is our green garden parasols. This is again a very popular choice as it will blend in with its surroundings and also being a darker colour is less prone to showing any marks. 


Next we have our navy blue outdoor umbrellas and I will have to say, my personal favourite, the red outdoor parasols. These two colours look fantastic in any location and are extremely well suited to commercial locations such as pubs and restaurants due to their eye catching colours. 


The showerproof fabric on our garden parasols also has a UV rating of 15 which will give a little rest bite from the suns strong rays.


A question we get regularly asked is can I use my parasol free standing? So for example, you have one of our teak adirondack loveseat sets and you have no table to mount a parasol through. As a general rule we would not recommend that you use any of our garden parasols free standing, but if you decide to then all we would say is to use a sufficiently heavy base for the size parasol and the level of exposure. You must also ensure that the outdoor parasol is tied down to something solid. Never leave your garden table parasol unattended and ensure that if the inclement British weather decides to change, that your outdoor seating umbrella is not left out in the elements. Here at Ottena, we cannot take responsibility for any misuse of our garden parasols.


If you need any other help with your choices or any of our other teak garden furniture then please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will endeavour to help you out to the best of our ability.