Our best selling teak garden furniture

With an almost endless choice of teak garden furniture and garden table parasols, take a look at this guide to our best selling items that will compliment any garden, patio or balcony setting. If you run your own business, be it a pub or restaurant, park or sports club, our best sellers will also bring good times in commercial settings for years to come.


To begin with, we have a small guide to some of our most popular and best selling patio furniture sets. These sets will complement any location and consist of everything you need to sit down, relax and enjoy some food and drink with friends and family.


Teak 1m circular folding table and folding chair garden furniture set


This is one of our most popular teak dining sets which is suitable for gardens and cafes of all shapes and sizes. This teak garden furniture set is available in 3 different combinations depending on the style of teak folding chair you wish to have. The 1m circular folding table is hand crafted from long lasting solid teak and will comfortably seat up to 4 people. This teak table is complete with a hole in the middle to fit your desired garden parasol. The legs are assembled with brass bolts which allow them to fold away neatly so that this teak garden table can be stored very easily in minimal space. A brass blanking plug, in the centre of the table to cover the parasol hole when not in use, compliments the table top beautifully.


The set comes with 4 of our folding garden chairs and depending on the combination required, you can either have 4 folding teak chairs without arms, 4 teak folding arm chairs or a combo set, comprising of a combination of 2 folding chairs with arms and 2 without.


Solid teak 1.2m circular folding garden table and chair set


This set is another of our popular teak patio furniture sets. It is almost identical to the 1m set described above, apart from having a slightly larger 1.2m folding table affording more table space for dining. The advantage with this table compared to the 1m circular teak table is that if required, an extra pair of teak folding chairs can be purchased to allow 6 people to sit around this table to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends and family.


Solid teak rectangular/oval 1.6m pedestal teak table and chair sets


To really make a statement in your garden, as many of our customers agree, our 1.6m teak pedestal patio sets are an extremely popular choice. What have some of our customers said about this fantastic teak dining set? “Absolutely brilliant furniture, this set looks amazing in my garden!!!”, and, “well what can I say, stunning! Exactly what I needed to jazz up my garden”. 


With a choice of either a rectangular or oval shape teak table top, this set will suit any location beautifully and with choices of chairs available, whether it be our teak folding chairs or our stacking teak chairs, you will definitely find a combination that suits your needs and style.


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Solid teak Adirondack chairs


The adirondack chair is probably our best selling piece of teak garden furniture. These beautifully designed chairs make a statement in any garden, patio or balcony. They simply ooze quality and class and will provide you with many, many hours of pure comfort and relaxation. The adirondack design is recognised worldwide as a chair that will provide the utmost comfort and style, perfectly suited to soaking up all of that summer sun.


Our teak adirondack chairs are manufactured from solid long-lasting teak using traditional joinery methods and only require some light assembly before use. These teak adirondack chairs are assembled using the provided brass allen key bolts to ensure a solid and sturdy construction.


All of our teak adirondack chairs are available either individually or why not take a look at our adirondack loveseat sets, which come in various combinations with either a square or rectangular coffee table. To supplement our teak Adirondack chairs, we have the option to add a cushion or footstool to ensure that you will be spend many hours relaxing with friends and family in pure comfort!


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Teak Lutyens benches


Our most popular teak garden bench has to be the Lutyens. Quite simply a beautifully designed and manufactured teak Lutyens bench that is based on the design of the great English architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens. The Lutyens bench has dramatic scrolled arm rests, a latticed design to the backrest and curves that combine to create a simply stunning feature park bench that you will certainly be proud to have in your chosen location. These teak Lutyens benches are also the perfect choice for a memorial bench, a great way to remember that treasured loved one for many years.


Our teak Lutyens benches are manufactured from solid long lasting teak using traditional joinery methods. Your teak Lutyens bench is available in 3 different sizes, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft, ideally seating either 2, 3 or 4 people respectively. As an alternative, also available are patio garden sets consisting of the teak Lutyens garden bench with the addition of one of our teak coffee tables and teak garden chairs to make a complete package and focal point of any garden, patio or balcony.


Our customers say “I fell in love with my Lutyens bench straight away, the attention to detail is so good!” and “Love love love this bench, looking so cute in our garden right now”.


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Teak Catherine garden bench


The Catherine is one of our most traditional teak garden benches. Our Catherine range includes 4ft (seats 2), a 5ft (seats 3) and 6ft (seats 4) designs, as well as our Catherine fixed teak armchair. The Catherine garden bench is a beautifully made solid teak outdoor bench which we consider to be amazing value for money and the ideal choice for a wide range of residential and commercial settings. Whether it be for your home, public park or garden, college, school or golf course to name a few, this teak garden bench will be an excellent choice.


Our Catherine garden benches are constructed using traditional joinery methods and require some simple assembly before use. All of our teak outdoor benches are assembled using wooden dowels to ensure a strong and sturdy construction, without rusting parts.


So whether it be for a quiet area in your garden or a memorial for a loved one, the Catherine garden bench is a fantastic choice!


This is just a snippet of our best selling items of teak garden furniture. We hope that it has given you some inspiration and food for thought. If you have any questions about any of our teak garden furniture range then please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@ottena.co.uk and we will be happy to help to the best of our ability.