How will my furniture arrive? What can I do with my old garden furniture?

As the excitement builds with the prospect of receiving my new teak garden furniture items from Ottena, how is my order wrapped, what is best to do with the packaging and what could I do with my now unwanted existing furniture?


Our warehouse has carefully picked your teak garden furniture, whether it be that beautiful teak patio furniture set for your garden or one of our sturdy teak garden benches, and carefully packaged the goods ready to dispatch the items to you.

Our manufacturer packs the teak garden furniture into corrugated cardboard to help protect it whilst it’s on route to our warehouse. Once an order is placed, our fantastic warehouse team will use bubble wrap and shrink wrap to package and protect your teak garden furniture so that it is as safe as possible whilst in the hands of couriers.

At Ottena we are very conscious in the way we deliver our outdoor teak furniture products to you. The last thing we want is for you to unwrap your order to find an item is damaged, despite our best efforts to protect the items whilst in transit. This is the main reason we use bubble wrap to package your teak garden benches and teak table and chair sets, as it provides the very best protection possible whilst still being cost effective for our customers. We are very conscious of the impact the use of single use plastics can have on the environment and hope that our customers will either put the bubble wrap to good use for their own packaging needs. Otherwise, if not needed, most large supermarkets or specialist recycling centres will take bubble wrap and plastic bags so that the packaging can be recycled. For more information and to find a recycling point near you please visit

Going forward into 2023, Ottena are transitioning into biodegradable bubble wrap which will have greater eco credentials and reduce the environmental impacts of delivering our teak garden furniture.

Ways to recylcle your old furniture

Now you have your brand new teak garden furniture, taking pride of place in your garden or on your patio or balcony, what should you do with your old garden furniture?

There are many options for you when it comes to getting rid of your unwanted garden furniture and hopefully we can help you in making the best decision for you. More than likely there is going to be a member of the family who would love to be able to relax in their garden, so why not gift it to them?

Alternatively, there are many online second hand selling websites (we all know who they are!!) out there, where you can advertise your unwanted garden furniture and make some unwanted items into some cash in your pocket!

As we have been talking of being more environmentally conscious, why not consider breaking your unwanted wooden furniture down and using it in the garden, to make a planter or border? Otherwise, how about using it for kindling or firewood? If all else fails, you can take unwanted wooden furniture to your nearest recycling centre, where you will find a specific bin that is designated to the recycling of wood.

Hopefully this has given you all some great ideas and a little insight into what we are doing to be as environmentally friendly as we can be in supplying our teak garden furniture and garden parasols. If you still have any questions that need answering, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at where we will be happy to assist in the best way we can.