Garden parasols – Are they waterproof?

Here at Ottena we are very proud to offer a simply fantastic range of wooden garden parasols. In our opinion there is nothing better after a hard day at the office than to come home, take a seat under one of our garden parasols and really take a chance to relax and unwind. Our wooden parasols are the perfect addition to any outdoor location, whether it be your garden, balcony or patio. Our outdoor umbrellas are also great for any commercial location ranging from pubs and restaurants to sports clubs and hotels. We have a range of 5 different garden parasol sizes and 4 different colours, so there is definitely going to be a colour and size to suit your requirements.
All of our wooden garden parasols are manufactured from a heavy duty hardwood pole and wooden frame for the canopy. The wooden parasols come with a two section pole to make storage easier when not needed. The canopies are raised and lowered with a cord pulley system and brass pin to fit into centre pole to hold your outdoor table parasol at the desired height. The canopy on our outdoor parasols is manufactured from a fabric that has a UPF rating of 15. This is the number that indicates how much UV radiation (both UVB and UVA) a fabric allows to penetrate through. This means that our garden parasol canopies allow 1/15th (6.6%) to penetrate through giving protection of up to 94% from the sun's rays.
But probably the most popular question we get asked is “are your parasols waterproof?” Well hopefully, in this next section we can answer this for you with some photos and videos which give an indication of how our garden parasols perform in wet weather conditions.
The fabric of our garden umbrellas is treated to make them water repellent or showerproof, to give it another name. From the pictures and video you will see the majority of the water is running off the outdoor parasol fabric and not penetrating through. Please appreciate this is only a small amount of water from a watering can, poured directly onto the fabric for a short amount of time, to give you an idea of how our parasols perform in these types of conditions. We would only recommend that you use your garden parasol in light rain and be sure not to use your parasol in stormy conditions or in periods of heavy rainfall. We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused from misuse of our garden parasols so we would recommend to lower and remove your parasol when there is adverse weather.
As the canopies on our wooden garden parasols can be removed very easily you can help the water resistance of the fabric by treating it with a suitable product (checking compatibility first) to help improve the performance of your wooden garden parasol.
We appreciate it is very difficult to show how showerproof our garden parasols are but we hope these photos and videos will give you a better idea. If you require any further advice then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team using