Folding Garden Furniture – A Quick Guide

A brand new set of teak garden furniture is an exciting thing to add to your outdoor space, but what about storing it when it’s not in use? This quick and easy guide to our extensive range of folding teak garden furniture items will hopefully give you some much needed inspiration and help when it comes to making your choices!


Here at Ottena we offer an extensive range of folding teak garden furniture that will hopefully give you many, many years of outdoor enjoyment. As silly as it might sound, folding teak furniture is something worth considering if you need to store your teak garden furniture when it is not in use, usually during the winter months. Our range of folding teak garden furniture will either fold virtually flat, such as our teak folding chairs, or like our teak folding garden tables and steamer chairs, partially fold away. All of our teak folding garden furniture comes fully assembled so it is nice and easy to get using your folding teak furniture straight away!


Our folding teak garden furniture is a perfect solution both for at home or in commercial spaces like pub gardens, cafes and sports venues, where they can be easily folded away for storage when not in use. Have a quick look at some of our most popular folding teak garden furniture items that our customers here at Ottena just simply love:


Folding teak chairs – with or without arms 


These traditional folding teak garden chairs are probably one of our most popular choices for our teak patio sets and come in two different designs. Our standard folding teak chairs have no arm rests but for that added comfort, why not consider the folding teak arm chair version? Both of our teak chairs have a smooth and reliable folding mechanism, allowing them to be folded virtually flat for easy and compact storage in a garage, shed or outbuilding. These extremely stylish folding teak chairs are hand crafted from solid eco-friendly teak and have a fine sanded finish. Our folding teak chairs arrive fully assembled, ready for use straight away and will give many years of comfort and relaxation in your chosen outdoor space.


Solid teak folding garden tables


Our range of folding teak tables are our most popular choices for many customers, particularly when it comes to a patio furniture set. At Ottena we carry an extensive range of teak folding garden tables that come in a variety of different sizes and styles, including circular, square, rectangular and octagonal teak table tops. Each of our garden tables have been brilliantly hand crafted to the highest standards using eco-friendly solid teak so that your folding teak garden furniture is prepared to handle the elements and provide you with many years of enjoyment.


The majority of our teak folding tables have a folding leg mechanism, so that the table top is solid but the legs are allowed to fold enabling easy and simple storage or relocation. For larger areas and extra comfort, we also have a folding 1.4m pedestal table. This is a hybrid table, which is delivered fully assembled and ready for use like a folding teak table but once unfolded, becomes a fixed teak patio table with a 4 leg pedestal base, like our teak pedestal tables. This is a great choice if you can’t decide between a folding or fixed teak garden table. 


Teak folding steamer chair


Our beautiful folding teak steamer chairs are an extremely popular choice for those areas in your garden where you can just sit back and relax with a drink and soak up some sunshine. Our teak steamer chairs feature a 5 position reclining function, operated by lifting both armrests slightly and then either leaning back or forward to achieve the desired angle of relaxation. When the teak steamers chairs are not in use, they will fold in on themselves, not entirely flat due to the design of the chair, but enough to allow you to store them in a safe location. Our teak steamer chairs are manufactured from solid long lasting teak and will be a great addition to any outdoor space. They are a fantastic piece of teak garden furniture and all of your friends and family will be extremely jealous that they do not have one in their garden!


The majority of our folding teak furniture uses a selection of brass fittings, including allen key bolts, making them strong and long lasting. Please remember that from time to time, due to the use of any folding mechanism, a little tlc will be required. We recommend that you regularly check all of the fittings on your folding teak garden furniture to ensure that any loose fittings are tightened, ensuring no damage can occur to the teak garden furniture.


Hopefully this very quick guide has given you some food for thought when it comes to choosing your teak garden furniture, but if you require any other information or have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us at and one of our team will help endeavour to answer you enquiries.