Choosing your new garden parasol - what to consider

So, you have chosen your teak garden furniture set for your garden, patio or balcony but from time to time, you just need some protection from the elements so you can relax for longer and enjoy that drink with friends or family. Whether it be rain or shine our extensive range of garden table parasols can help to provide that much needed shade and shelter so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space, whatever the weather.

Our range of garden parasols will create a spectacular atmosphere for your outdoor dining setting, complimenting your teak table and chair set. Whether it be a BBQ with friends or family, or just relaxing after a hard day at work, we have a great range of outdoor dining parasols which will suit all requirements and tastes.

Our garden umbrellas come in a variety of colours and sizes. This easy guide will help you to choose the right shape, style and colour of garden parasol to suit your every need.

What size do I need?

The first thing to consider is the size of the area that is going to house your new outdoor table parasol. We have 5 different sizes available, so a suitable garden table and chair set garden umbrella can be purchased to compliment your teak garden furniture. Our range includes:

• 1.8m Square

• 2m Round

• 2.5m Octagonal

• 3.5m Octagonal

• 3m x 2m Rectangular

Our classic market umbrellas sit upright and do not tilt, so they take up minimal space. This makes them a fantastic choice for a small garden area, balcony or narrow patio.

Garden table parasol construction

Our garden parasol frames are manufactured from wooden parasol poles (poplar) and have a double cord pulley system to allow the outdoor umbrella to be easily raised and lowered with minimal effort. The wooden pole has a series of holes located at the top where a brass pin can be located so your garden canopy is at the height required for your dining or seating area.

Our garden parasols come with 2 different size wooden poles. The 1.8m and 2m outdoor umbrellas have a pole diameter of 38mm. The 2.5m, 3.5m and 3m x 2m outdoor parasols have a pole diameter of 48mm. Our range of teak garden tables (excluding 60cm folding tables and coffee tables) have a parasol hole that is big enough to fit all of our parasols. Our garden parasol base is also compatible with our entire range of dining parasols. We note however, the 12kg parasol base should only be used with our large garden parasols when through a table top – not freestanding. A much heavier base would be required if you want to use your outdoor parasol freestanding.

Our fantastic garden table parasols come in four different colours:

• Cream – a classic colour which adds a touch of class to your teak dining set. Our cream garden parasols are very popular!

• Green – a traditional green parasol, these garden parasols look great in all settings.

• Navy – a colourful option which has proved very popular where commercial parasols are needed.

• Red – a bright, vibrant colour which adds a shot of colour to your teak table and chair set. These red garden parasols are fantastic in both domestic and commercial settings.

The fabric used for our garden parasols is a showerproof fabric and has a UV rating of 15. This means our outdoor parasols will help protect you from all of those bright sunny days sat relaxing with friends.

Are our garden parasols waterproof?

Our range of garden parasols use a shower proof material which will protect you from light rain but in stormy conditions, we would recommend that the parasols are lowered and removed or covered to prevent any damage from the elements.

Can I always leave my parasol open?

You must lower your outdoor table parasol during windy conditions and never leave your garden parasol unattended at times of wind. We cannot take responsibility for damage caused by misuse or leaving the outdoor umbrella out unattended in adverse weather.

Do I need a base?

We would always recommend the use of a suitable parasol base for the size of garden parasol you are using. We advise that you have the table parasol mounted through a table top to give added support and protection from damage. We do not recommend our outdoor parasols be used freestanding unless a very heavy parasol base is being used. No responsibility will be taken for damage caused whilst being used freestanding.

If you would like any further information about our extensive range of Garden Table Parasols, please get in touch with us via email, our live chat or call us on 020 3322 9194.